Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Day At The Temple

Today was an awesome day. We had the opportunity to attend the temple and share in the experience as my little brother Matt went through for the first time. It was awesome. My favorite part of the day was entering the Celestial room and seeing my little brother with open arms waiting for me with the rest of my family. We hugged and waited for Jared to join us. We chatted for a bit and then headed home.

Matt is such an amazing young man. He is so mature and will make a great missionary. I think the people of Honduras will be truly blessed by the happiness and love that he will bring to them. Because just as he was waiting for me with open arms I know that he will do the same for them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If it's not one thing, it's another

So we had stake conference on Sunday. It was nice to go to church early and then be able to come home and take a nice Sunday afternoon nap. Cayden slept for 5 hours and would have kept sleeping had we let him. I should have known something was up. Sunday he looked like this...

Annie, who has been our life saver since my mom has been out of town, called Jared Monday and said Cayden looked like this...

Annie said he was happy so I wasn't in a rush to get him to the doctor yesterday until I saw him when I picked him up. I felt so bad for him. So I called and we are going to the doctor today. The rash also covers his head, behind his ears, his neck, and shoulders. Today he is more cranky and has a fever. I hope its nothing too serious.

On a positive note....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our SUPER CUTE niece Alyssa!!!
We hope you have an awesome day!!! We love you so much and wish we could be there to celebrate with you!!!! Eat some cake for us!!!
~Love to All~

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its Spring??? Seriously!?!?!?!

Well you could have fooled me!!!!! These past two days we have just been dumped on!
Friday at about 7:00pm
Both Jared and I had to work though the storm yesterday and didn't even get to enjoy a snow day. However, today wasn't so much fun being all cooped up. I was so glad when it warmed up enough to stop snowing and just rained. I decided then that it was time to get out. So we headed out to clean off the car. I tried to be nice to Jared by taking a turn to brush off the car. It wasn't so easy and he lust laughed at me the whole time so I let him take over.

We went to Wal-Mart just to walk around and then my dad treated us to dinner at Burger King. Cayden really enjoyed that because he thought it was pretty great to play on the indoor playground (even if it was a little too big for him).
It does amaze me at how different the snowfall can be in just a difference of a few miles. I thought we got dumped on here....

Saturday about 12:00pm

but at my dad's house they have about 2 feet of snow in the yard. It is nice that it started raining though because some of the snow melted but left a "snowhawk" on all of the cars.

I'm just really hoping that the snow is DONE and we an finally enjoy our "Spring".

~Love to All~

Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter Sunday

We had a lovely Easter. We had a lazy morning and then went to church with my Dad. We thought it would be nice to spend the day with him since it was his birthday and everyone was still in Florida. It was nice to be in a ward other than our own and I always love sitting next to my dad and listening to him sing. As we were singing I Know That My Redeemer Lives I really listened to the words my dad was singing. It brought me to tears to think of the sacrifice He made so that He could be resurrected and in turn make it possible for us to be resurrected as well. I'm so thankful for that.

Cayden in his Easter outfit

After church

Cayden and Uncle Timmy

After church we headed back to my Dad's house to enjoy an awesome dinner. Dad made so much yummy food and we were stuffed. We were so stuffed that we decided to save Dad's birthday cake for Monday night. Thanks for the great meal Daddy!!!!

The birthday cake I made for Dad

After we got dinner cleaned up we decided to let Cayden have his Easter egg hunt. He was so fun to watch!!! He had fun searching and successfully finding the eggs and putting them in his Easter bucket. Once he found all of the eggs he was pretty sad the hunt was over so he began re hiding the eggs so he could find them again.


First Peep (he wasn't a big fan)

It was such a wonderful day and we really enjoyed spending time with family.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We want to wish everyone a very happy Easter. We love you all so much and hope you enjoy this special day!


Happy Birthday to my Dad. You are such a wonderful Father and Grandfather. You always have the best advice and a great listening ear. Thank you for your love and support. We love you so much!!!!

And a very Happy First Birthday to our adorable nephew Eli. You are such a handsome little dude and we love you very much. We hope you have a great day!!! (Jen I hope you don't mind us borrowing this picture.)

P.S. Cayden is feeling much better today!


Spring Break Contd., Choir, & Easter Eggs!!

**Long post- lots of pictures and videos**
Since my mom is in Florida I'm trying to keep on the events that are happening here so she can show my grandparents while she is there.

Spring Break
Day Four: We wanted to get out and do something every day of Spring break. We didn't have much money so we decided to take Cayden to the playground at the mall since it was cold outside. Then we found a coupon for a free picture with the Easter Bunny at the mall. We got to the mall and found where the Easter Bunny was. They wanted $20 before we could get our free picture so we decided to just play on the playground and forget about the Easter bunny. Cayden had a blast! The slide was his favorite.

After the mall we headed out to Ideations because Jared had received a call from his boss saying they had a job and needed his help with it. So we drove downtown and Jared talked with everyone about the job and they told him that he would start the following week. Jared is now back to work, at least for a month, and we are praying that they get more jobs so he can continue working. What a wonderful blessing!!!!

Day Five: Just as we were heading out to go to the store we got a phone call from my brother. We had forgotten that we had to take him to a chemo appointment. So our last day of spring break wasn't all that exciting but we made the best of it. We ran around the hospital, took a walk outside, and played in the elevator. The good thing is is that Chris is doing very well on the chemo and feeling good.

As we were heading to bed on the last day of spring break we got a phone call from my little brother Matt. He told me he was coming over to our place. I said ok, thinking I was tired and going to bed and then he said he'd gotten his mission call. He came over and we called everyone and he began to read.....He will be serving in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. He reports to the MTC May13th. I am excited to be able to take him to the MTC. He is very excited to serve the Lord.

Matt with his call (before opening it)

Ok.... CHOIR

The other night we had the opportunity to attend Tim's choir concert. He is in the 2 top choirs in his school. The first choir he performed in is the Jazz choir. This first video is of the boys in the Jazz Choir. They did the arrangement and everything. (the video is a little dark but he is the 4th in from the left, black shirt and red tie)

This next video is Timmy's Madrigals Choir. He had a solo and sung AMAZINGLY well but you can't hear him all that well in the video(with the drums and no mic it made it difficult). It was awesome though and I was so proud of him.

Easter Eggs

Last night we weren't sure if we were going to be able to dye Easter eggs or not. On Friday Cayden started throwing up, had a few bouts of diarrhea, and a really high fever. We got him home and all he wanted to do was cuddle. By bed time the Motrin kicked in and he was happy and ready for bed. He slept through the night but woke up only wanting to be held and had a fever of 103. Thanks to some advice from my dad we took him to the doctor.(Thankfully our dr. is open in the morning on Sat.) The doctor said he had a double ear infection and the stomach flu. Where he got either of those I'll never know but we got a prescription for him and by 6:00 last night he was almost back to his perky little self. So before we left my dad's house we decided to dye some eggs.

Ok That's it for now!!!


Friday, April 3, 2009


My little brother Matt called me at 8:30 tonight to tell me his mission call came in the mail today. He drove over to our place (since the rest of our fam is in FL) to open it and read it. We got everyone on the phone so we all could hear at the same time....

(Sorry the video is so dark, I don't know why it came out that way.)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spring Break!!!!

I am so excited that I get a week off. It would be great if it were a paid week off but its not. However, that does not stop me from having, and enjoying, a FANTASTIC week off. In fact it started 2 days early thanks to a beautiful Spring Blizzard that caused school to be cancelled last Thursday and Friday. So I got an extended Spring Break. So now I get to take you through my first three days of Spring Break!!!

DAY ONE: Monday 3/30
We woke up to more snow on the ground. Oh boy!!! We hung out in the morning and waited for the snow to stop. When it stopped we decided that it was the perfect opportunity to take Cayden sledding for the first time. So we bundled up and headed for my parents house. They live by a park with an AWESOME hill.

We only went down the hill a few times before Cayden decided he didn't like the snow flying up in his face. So we kept him at the bottom and just pulled him around on the sled. He quite enjoyed that. Then we let him walk around in the snow because that is one of his favorite things to do.

After we played in the snow for a while we decided it was time to go back inside because we were COLD. We went back to the house and hung out for a while. Then we took Matt to work and went home so Cayden could nap. Later that night Matt came to spend the night and he and Jared enjoyed staying up until 2:00am playing video games.

DAY TWO: Tuesday 3/31

Matt and I woke up early so we could go to the dentist. We want to make sure his teeth are perfect before he leaves for his mission (still hasn't received his call yet). Anyway, after the dentist we went home and got ready to go to Jared's school. He got an e-mail about a week ago saying he made the Distinguished Honors list (4.0 GPA) for the 2008 school year and would be recognized at the "ARTY" awards at his school. I am never amazed at how strange art students can be. I'm just glad Jared isn't a "typical" art student/artist. It was fun to go and support him and watch the smile on his face as he stood to be recognized. It was also fun to watch Cayden as he clapped for his Daddy. After checking out the student art show we headed home again. Once we were home Matt discovered a new game to play with Cayden.

Matt spent the night again and he and Jared were only up until 1:15 am playing video games. ;)


Yesterday I heard on the radio that there was a Texas Roadhouse in town that was giving away free lunch. So, having a lack in money I thought it would be nice to enjoy a free meal. We tracked down the restaurant and learned that the meal they were giving away was a BBQ pulled pork sandwich, fries, and applesauce. They were giving away lunch in exchange for a donation to the Children's Hospital. We got there around 1:15 and were seated right away. They came and took our drink orders and within minutes had our food at the table. The meal was DELICIOUS!!! They left an envelope on the table for us to leave our donation in. We left a small one because the Children's Hospital does such wonderful things and I felt the money would go to a good cause. We had fun hanging out and Cayden enjoyed the applesauce and enormous french fries.

Chris had just taken a bite when I decided to take a picture. ; )

That's it for now. More exciting adventures to come!!!! Have a great week!!!