Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Father's Day and a Growing Boy

Its been a while now but I wanted to share the happenings of Jared's first "official" Father's Day.

Proud Daddy and son

Since our church starts at 9:00 it was not possible for us to get up and have a nice breakfast. I did however, make Jared open up his gifts before he got too completely ready for church. As I got Cayden ready for church Jared sat on the bed and opened his gift. As most of you know, Jared got a new suit for a graduation gift. Since he got a new suit we figured he needed new shoes. We have shopped around for a while and found a pair that Jared really loved but he didn't want to spend the money on. I decided he NEEDED those shoes so that was his Father's Day gift. He also needed a belt that looked nicer with his suit so he got a new belt too. And to top off the ensemble I had a tie made with Cayden's picture on it.

When we got home from church I made Jared Scooby-Doo waffles (they are his favorite) for lunch. He was bummed that we didn't have them for dinner a while ago so I thought he would enjoy them for Father's Day. After a while of hanging out, putting together a gift for my dad, and making a salad to go with dinner, we went over to my parents house for a Philly cheese steak dinner. It was awesome! After dinner we played some games that Kimmy put together. For one of the games everyone had to trace their hand and try to guess which tracing belonged to each person. It was fun but somewhat difficult. Another game was a Q&A about the dads in our family. It was a really fun evening and Jared said he had a great day.

Answering his questions for the game (he took FOREVER!)

Gotta love the Scooby Doo waffles!

Jared grinned from ear to ear all day. I know Father's Day can be a hard day for him sometimes, but it was nice that this year we could celebrate him. I love to see the love that Jared has for Cayden and the admiration that Cayden has for Jared. I know he is still extremely young but he definitely knows who his Daddy is. The way his face lights up when Jared gets home just melts my heart. The other day Jared was in the bedroom and Cayden and I were in the living room. Jared was talking to me and Cayden followed Jared's voice and found his way to the bedroom so he could play with his daddy. It was so cute. He smiled and was very proud of himself for finding him.

I'm so glad that Cayden wants to spend so much time with Jared. Jared is such a great Daddy. Cayden and I are so lucky to have Jared. We love you!!!

Now for the growing boy! Cayden is getting so big and doing things he shouldn't quite be able to do yet. He is crawling around like a mad man. He's really picked up on that skill. He loves being mobile. Last week he crawled under a dining room chair and got himself stuck. He was not very happy about it.

Now he has a tooth that is ready to break through. We can see it and feel it and we are just waiting for it to surface completely. Hopefully he will be a little happier once it breaks through. He is also pulling himself up now. We had to lower his crib mattress so he didn't topple out of his crib. We have so much fun playing with him and watching him grow.

sleeping in the same position as his daddy

So, besides playing with Cayden Jared has been working, I am working Summer School and in the evenings we are scrapbooking. Yep that's right! In July we should have our 2006 and 2007 scrapbook pages for everyone. You'll have to wait until 2010 for your 2008 pages though. After doing pages for the past years I'm scrapbooked out! Hope everyone is doing well! See you all soon!!!

LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Crawling, Working, and Playing

More updates on our little Cayden, he's crawling!!! He started crawling on June 3rd. It was such an exciting moment. He's getting pretty fast now too. I think he saw too many other kids being able to move around and decided he was ready to move too. Now there is no stopping him.

Jared and I just returned from a 5 day trip to Utah. We went with the purpose of getting work done on his mom's house. We did quite a bit even though it didn't feel like we did a whole lot. On Saturday Jess came out with her kids. Its ALWAYS so much fun to hang out with them. After visiting for a bit we started working and moved everything away from the living room wall and started peeling wall paper. I would have had an entire sheet pulled off in one piece had Jess not tried to peel in and ruined it! Geez Jess!! I still love you though. SO this is the wall before...

This is Jess working and Jared playing

And this is the wall after...(minus a clock in the empty space that hasn't been purchased yet.)

It was really fun to see all the kids together. Tayler and Rylee loved Cayden. Jayson loved him too just a little to hard sometimes. I got some really cute pictures of the kids together.

Rylee would kiss Cayden and then say "Cayden slobber on me"

These are two of my favorites from the weekend. Tay was such a big helper with Cayden.

Falling asleep in front of Grandma's toy drawer

On Tuesday before we came home we went to the cemetery where Jared's dad is buried. It was very special to me because it was my first time visiting his grave site. But it was more special to be able to take Cayden and even though he doesn't understand us we could talk to him about who he is named after. It was a really nice afternoon.

One Last thing to post. Yesterday was my oldest brother's birthday. We took Chris to Gunther Toody's for dinner. It was quite entertaining. Happy Birthday Chris. We Love you!!

Love to all! Have a wonderful week!!!