Friday, February 26, 2010

More Home Projects

So we bought blinds for our living room over a week ago and Jared finally got them put up. It completely changes our living room. I love being able to enjoy my bay window now. Its AWESOME!!! Cayden had so much fun helping his daddy put them up. He really loves doing projects with Jared. Its really cute.

Putting up the blinds

Dragon breath...keeping the fire going.

Jared also built a shelf to put our dvds on so Cayden can't get to them. It looks really nice and finishes of the room nicely.

I love not living in an apartment anymore. Its so fantastic!!!

~Love To All~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Four Years, Two Kids, and...


Jared and I celebrated our fourth anniversary this week. It was a day much like our actual wedding day. It was overcast and cloudy and began to snow in the afternoon. Then after a long exhausting day, of work not fun, we came home and fell asleep watching the Olympics. Its kind of fun to think that every four years we can spend our anniversary watching the Olympics. ;)

Anyway, I was so excited to give Jared his gift. I think it was my all time favorite gift that I have ever given him. It made it even more special that he shed a few tears when he opened it.

We have always followed the traditional gift list for our anniversaries. Well, this year the gift was fruit. I remembered Jared had an awesome painting that he had done and has wanted it framed for a long time now. So I snuck it out of his portfolio and had it framed. It happily lives on our dining room wall now. Cayden had fun helping Jared hang it.
Last night to celebrate our anniversary we went to a place called Color Me Mine. It is a ceramics studio where you can pick a piece, paint it, they fire it, and then you bring it home. It takes a week for them to fire the pieces though. It was so fun. It is the only art related thing we have done together other than scrap booking. We had a great time and had the studio all to ourselves. It was awesome!!!
I am so thankful to have the amazing husband that I do. These past four years have been so wonderful and I look forward to the many more that we have together. I love you Jared!!!

A little side note before I go....Our little Jacob is now 2 months old! Its amazing how fast time goes by. I'm sure you can tell why I am losing weight as quickly as I am. He's quite the chunker. We love him so much!!!

~Love To All~

Brotherly Love

I am so thankful that I have such a loving two year old. Cayden is such a great big brother and loves Jacob dearly. The other day we were in my mom's car coming home from breakfast. (We went to breakfast with Mikey before he went back home.) I was sitting in the back seat with Timmy and Cayden and Jacob were in the seat in front of us. All of a sudden Cayden pulled Jacob's blanket up so he could see him and said, "Hi Jakey boy, hi Jakey boy!" Then he reached over and did this...He held Jacob's hand all the way back to the house. It was such a sweet moment.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What a Great Weekend!

This weekend we had lots of family come into town for Jacob's blessing. My brother Mikey came from Florida. My sister, Kimmy, and her family came down from Loveland. Jared's mom and sister, Jess, and 2 of her kids came from Utah and his oldest sister, Jenny, came from Georgia. It was awesome to have so much family in town. It was nice to spend time with everyone and have those that hadn't yet meet Jacob. It was a very special time.
Cayden and Rylee watching a movieJess brought Jackson along so we got to meet him too!!!
Sunday was a great day! Jacob was blessed in Sacrament meeting and the words Jared spoke were beautiful. It was really special because it was also my grandfather's, who Jacob is named after, birthday. I never knew my grandfather but if he was anything like my dad he was a fantastic man. My dad and Grandma always speak very highly of him and I'm so glad we named Jacob after him.
Jacob on his special day

It was a long day ;)

After sacrament meeting we went to my mom and dad's house for lunch. (Thanks for hosting our big bunch mom and dad, YOU ROCK!)

The weekend was full of fun times. Thanks to everyone who helped make it special. Special thanks to those who traveled to be here for Jacob's special day. It meant so much to us to have so much family to share this special time with us.
~Love To All~

Monday, February 1, 2010

Family Outing Night/Home Decor

So Friday was our second official Family Outing Night (F.O.N). We had so much fun! We are a part of the "5 Buck Club" at our local theater so after a movie has been out a while if you flash your card you can see it for $5. SO we FINALLY went to see The Frog Princess. It was a cute movie and Cayden lasted about an hour before he got up and started moving around. Then he learned that if he said "Potty Time" Jared would jump up and run him out. After 2 times of that Jared caught on. So Cayden sat in his lap and watched the last 20 min. of the movie. I really enjoyed the movie and the boys said it was "ok". Jacob slept through the whole thing!

After the movie we headed to Chili's for dinner. Cayden drank so much of Jared's soda at the movie that he was asking to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes while we waited for our dinner to come. While I was sitting at the booth alone with Jacob I looked over and saw a man at another table that looked kinda like my dad (all I saw was the back of his head). I looked to see who the man was sitting with and it was my sister! We had no idea that my dad and sister were going out to eat too. We chatted with them for a few min. until their food came. Then when they were done they took Jacob so I could eat. It was a fun evening. We finished it off with a good ole Chocolate Molten Lava cake. CAYDEN LOVED IT!!!

He scraped the plate clean!

Saturday morning I went to a baby shower but when I came home it quickly became a work day. We have been in our house now for almost 4 months and still had not put up all of our pictures on the walls. So, that's what we spent the afternoon doing. I love the way the house feels now. It feels even more like home. Its awesome. Cayden was excited to have a picture on his wall and his mobile, that Jared made for him, hanging from the ceiling. I still don't feel like we are 100% organized but we are getting closer!

On a different note...Cayden is doing SO well with potty training. Its been a long process but I think he has finally got it. It's very exciting!!!!

Playing at Aunt Kimmy's house

Potty training buddies!

~Love To All~