Monday, July 12, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday

I want to wish a Happy Happy Birthday to my Loving husband. His birthday was yesterday and he allowed me to go on vacation for the weekend so I wasn't able to be with him for his special day.Thank you for being the man that you are. I am so lucky to have you forever. I love you!!!! xoxoxo

Girl's Weekend

What a weekend!!! I just got back from four days in the San Juan Islands with the Linton girls. It was a part of the country I hadn't seen before and I was very excited. There wasn't a lot of "exciting" things to do on the island but we had a great time spending time with each other. We drove around the island and stopped every chance we could to see what was available explore. We did a lot of walking. We visited the farmers market and went shopping at the shops in town. And we frolicked in the lavender fields. But my favorite part was the girl talk in the evenings before bed. It was a beautiful weekend spent in a beautiful place with beautiful people. I can't wait until the next Linton Girls Weekend. Thanks to everyone for making the weekend possible and such a success! Love you girls.

Me and Ashley on the front of the ferry going to Friday Harbor.
(We had to take a ferry to get to the islands)

Our ferry almost hit this moronic sail boat.

This was our home away from home for the weekend. We were right across the street from the Lavender Farm fields.
Lime Kiln- What a beautiful spot on the water!

One of my many frolicking moments.
The Linton girls (minus mom and Jenny)
I LOVED the rolls of hay. The full field was really a beautiful sight.

This pond/lake was down the street from our vacation home.
Our last night in the San Juan Islands.

A very SPECIAL thanks to my wonderful husband for staying home with the boys for the weekend so I could go and have a fun and relaxing time. You rock Jared!
~Love To All~

Friday, July 2, 2010

Florida in Pictures

So I got to take the boys to Florida for pretty much the entire month of June. We went down to help pack up my grandparents house so they can move to Denver. We are so excited they are finally coming. Our trip was a vacation but we worked hard too. Instead of writing about our time there I decided to just do A LOT of pictures and a few videos. Enjoy!!!
The Trip began with laughter...

Then a game of hide and seek

A nap here and there.

Then I cut off my hair! (I donated it to Locks of Love in support of my big bro.)

6 month old Jakey Boy. (Who is almost crawling!)

Cayden helped " G Jeannie" set her hair.

Chilled with Uncle Mikey.

Watched Uncle Kerry pretend to eat a 10 yr old rat found in the garage under the table saw.

Super cool Grandmommy sporting Timmy's shades.


What would Florida be without a trip to the beach?

Nap in the car on the way back from the beach.
Playing with cars and watching the World Cup during our 3 hr layover in NC.

It was such a wonderful trip. I'm so glad that Jared was able to join us for the last few days. It was a great way to say goodbye to my home town. I hope that we will go back and visit someday. I must say though that it is nice to be home.

~Love To All~