Monday, July 11, 2011

30 Reasons...

Why I LOVE this Man...

1. He knows how to make me smile

2. He thanks me after every meal I make for him.

3. He plays with our kids.

4. He drives all the time so I don't have to.

5. He supports me in everything I do.

6. He reads to the boys.

7. He spoils us.

8. He dips me to kiss me.

9. He goes on walks with us.

10. He helps with chores around the house.

11. He makes funny faces.

12. He is smart.

13. He remembers ridiculous things.

14. He honors his priesthood.

15. He thinks I'm a good teacher.

16. He shares his dreams with me and won't give up on them.

17. He makes good cookies.

18. He makes the bed.

19. He is trustworthy.

20. He is honest.

21. He likes to spend time with family.

22. He kisses the boys and me every time he leaves the house.

23. He adores his mom.

24. He shares his memories of his Dad.

25. He has a strong testimony.

26. He is a great artist.

27. He keeps his word.

28. He lets me hold the remote.

29. He cuddles with me.

30. He is without a doubt the most amazing man I have ever met.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! I hope your Birthday is a wonderful day and that your 30th year is one full of great adventures and love.

4th of July Weekend

We were able to go to Utah for the 4th of July. We almost couldn't go because of Jared's work but everything worked out and we could go. WE HAD A BLAST!!! We left Saturday morning and hit up the Cherry Creek Arts Festival before we headed out of town. It has become our tradition to go to the festival. Maybe one of these years we will actually be able to afford to buy something we like. ;)

The boys were troopers! I love that they are such good travelers. We stopped in Rawlins at McDonald's to let them stretch their legs and so we could get a bite to eat. It was the WORST McDonald's experience ever. I never knew that the United Nations worked at the McDonald's in Rawlins. Mustafa didn't know what a juice box was and the Chinese girls thought Jared wanted a fork when he asked for caramel dipping sauce for the apples. They had a now hiring sign out front and had 12 workers standing in the back doing NOTHING! I know the boys need to get out to play but I don't know if we can stop there again.

We got to Jared's mom's house around 10:45 and the boys were wide awake! We got Cayden to settle down but Jake was terrified of the crib and slept with us that night. We got up Sunday morning and had some play time before church. Jared's mom taught Sunday School that day and did a phenomenal job. The spirit was so strong and it was such a special lesson. After Church we went out to Sean and Jess' house where Sean had AWESOME homemade pizza for us. He really makes excellent pizza. It was so fun to hang out and not have an agenda. Cayden was SO excited to see all of his cousins. All but 2 of his cousins were in Utah for the 4th of July.

On Monday we headed to an AWESOME pool. Cayden LOVED it. WE spent most of the day there. It was fun but the weather wasn't all that great. Just as we were leaving the sun decided to come out. After the pool we went back to Jess' house where Sean made another amazing meal. Everything tasted awesome. It was a great 4th of July BBQ. When it began to get dark we headed out to watch fireworks.

Cayden and Emmy matched. Cayden is quite fond of Emmy and calls her his "big" cousin

The kids had glow necklaces, bracelets, and bubbles to keep the occupied until the show started.
All but 2 cousins on the Linton side
They look scared but they really did enjoy the show.

It was a GREAT 4th of July filled with fun and good company. We had to say goodbye to Jen, Steve, and their kids after the fireworks because they were heading out the next morning for Idaho. It sure was great to see, play, and visit with them. Its hard living so far away. But we were grateful for the time we got to spend with them.

The next day Jess and her kids came out to spend our last day together. We didn't get a chance to make S'mores on the 4th so Jess brought out the fixin's and Tay and Grandma started the fire. The S'mores were SO GOOD! I had 3 of them and felt a little guilty afterward. But it was so worth it!
Cayden and Grandma

Cayden roasting his marshmallow
Me and my boys

Jared had to go to the eye doctor because he needed new contacts but he made it back in time to enjoy a giant S'more.

Cayden and Jayson bonded and were quite the little duo

They had to leave at 5:00 to get Tay to her Soccer game in time. We were sad to say goodbye but were glad we got to spend more time with them. (Thanks for making the trek out. We love you!) After they left we made a trip to Home Depot and visited for a bit and then Jared decided we needed to play croquet. Jared won but we all had a god time. Cayden really got the hang of it.

Jake just ran around and played while we all played.
It was a GREAT weekend and we were sad we had to leave. But we have great memories and Cayden knows his cousins a little better now. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful weekend.

~Love To All~