Sunday, November 11, 2012

Photo Recap!

So, 12 hour days are pretty busy. Needless to say blogging is not my top priority these days. Its hard to keep everything up to date weekly or even monthly. So I've decided to catch you up on our lives through pictures. The pictures are the best part of blogs anyway, right? So here goes...

 MT. Fuji is their FAVORITE place to eat.
 We went on a hike!
 Cayden had his Primary Program
 OCTOBER Favorites
We went to the Wildlife Experience and played like penguins
 Carved our pumpkins

 Have you ever had Super Heroes rake your leaves?
 We went trick or treating at the Denver Zoo
 Had our ward Trunk or Treat
 And did more trick or treating on Halloween.
 The boys were done after about 45 minutes. They had a blast. But I think they had more fun passing out candy to the trick or treaters that came to my parents house. They were pretty stinkin cute!

 NOVEMBER Favorites (so far)
 We have Momadillo visiting this month. The boys made her a nice bed in their room and love having her. They gave her a friend the first night she was here to keep her company. We are excited about our adventures with her this month.

OK, so that's it in a nutshell. I am LOVING school. I just finished up my haircutting module and got a 100% on my written exam as well as my practical exam. I move into advanced pre salon right before Christmas. Once I'm there I will have one day of class and 4 days on the salon floor. I'm so EXCITED!! Time seems to be flying by.

Cayden is enjoying preschool this year. He is in an in-home preschool that is specifically geared toward kindergarten prep. He is learning so much more than he did in the District Preschool last year. He is writing, counting to 100, and reading all sorts of things. Its so fun to watch him grow and love learning.

Jake is growing fast and we can't seem to figure out where his little southern accent comes from. IT IS HYSTERICAL! We all get a kick out of listening to him talk a mile a minute.

Jared is slammed with work right now. They have 3 jobs due all before Thanksgiving. I guess its great to have work but working long days and weekends is exhausting.

We are all well and cherishing every minute we get to spend together. 

~Love To All~