Monday, April 25, 2011

80's Prom

Jared and I were invited to an 80's prom by some friends of ours in our old ward. We thought it sounded fun so we planned to go. Then as the time drew closer and we had NO CLUE as what to wear (we were both pretty young in the 80's. I was born in 84' and Jared in 81')! I was frustrated and told Jared that I didn't want to go. WE decided to go out shopping and found outfits for the both of us so we asked my parents to babysit and the date was set. Jared and I were going to the prom. Exciting right???

EXACTLY!!! We had SUCH a blast. It was so much fun. It was probably one of our better date nights. (Except for the fact that we didn't go out to a nice dinner before hand.) Jared bought me a corsage and everything. We got to the prom about an hour late, that's normal for prom right? But there was still time to vote for King and Queen. As the night went on there was 80's trivia. There was a "how 80's were you" game as well as a game matching tv characters to the show they were on. It was a super fun night with some great friends.

~Before Prom~ (can you see my purple extensions?)

~Prom Pictures at the Prom~

~Jared and his buddy Carl dancing the night away~

When the time came to announce the Prom Queen I didn't hold my breath. I never win ANYTHING.

~Jared and I totally won Prom King and Queen~

~Our spotlight dance~

~Our friends Carl and Dawn are the couple in the center-We were glad they came.~

WHAT A GREAT NIGHT!!!!!!! Jared and I were so glad that we could go to a prom together. It was a small glimpse into what it could have been like if we had really gone to prom together in High School. Thanks for being my date and making this prom a night to remember Sweetheart!

If you ever have the chance to go to an 80's prom totally go. It was so fun!

~Love To All~