Thursday, August 5, 2010

Summer Catch Up

What a fun summer we have been having. The boys have kept me pretty busy so it has been hard to find a minute to update the blog. But they are both content without me for a minute so I decided to catch up. However it will be done with pictures. ; )

Jacob LOVES to eat. I'm sure you couldn't tell by looking at him.
We love spending time at the Spray Park. (ITS AWESOME!)

Cayden loves when we go to SAM'S because he gets to sit in the cart with Jake.
I was worried when he was quiet and I couldn't find him. If this is his way of getting into that "quiet trouble" that parents worry about I think I can handle it.

We have spent a lot of time at my parents new house. The boys have been remodeling to build a master suite on the main floor for my grandparents.

My cousin came to visit and we took her bowling. Cayden LOVES bowling. I bowled holding Jacob most of the time and bowled a turkey. I had 5 strikes during the game. He was my good luck charm.

After his game of bowling he wanted to drive the race car.
Our little red car died on us and Jared has been trying to diagnose the problem, Cayden has been a big helper and getting quite dirty in the process.
I love taking pictures of the boys when they are sleeping. They always sleep in the strangest positions. In the picture I am standing behind the couch. His feet are on the back of the couch.
Jacob is becoming quite the little crawler and enjoys following me around the house.

If you can't tell, we are having a great summer. I LOVE being home with the boys and look forward to the day when I can finally be a stay at home mom. I love just hanging out with them. I'm getting really good at building marble towers and shooting hoops. Cayden and I are trying to find ways to include Jacob in our play time because he wants to join in all the time now. No more wallflower time for him. I'll be sad to go back to work but I still have time before then to get more play time in. I hope everyone else is enjoying their summer!

~Love to All~