Friday, June 19, 2009

Fun Times

We have had lots of fun lately. I am totally loving being home with Cayden. Its fun to spend all day with him and know that I'm not missing out on anything. We have explored lots of new things lately too. About two weeks ago we went up to Loveland to help Kimmy build a "loft" in her basement for her daycare. Ok I didn't build, Jared did, Kimmy and I watched the boys and just hung out. There wasn't a whole lot we could do. After Jared and Tyson finished the "loft" we went and picked up some KFC and went and had a picnic in a sculpture park. I think Jared was in Heaven! Here are some pictures from the park. It was quite awesome!

Cayden and the pig (he climbed up on his own)

Jared joining in on the fun

This is the hand you hold on the circle of kids sculpture. The hand Jared's right hand is holding.
Cayden and Spence petting the "dog"
This one was one of my favoritesI really liked this one too. It has two right feet.

Jared's sister Julie arrived for a visit on the 12th. It was fun having her here. We did LOTS of shopping. I think Cayden got a little tired of the shopping trip.

So we took him to the play place at the mall. He really enjoyed it. It was the cutest mall "playground" I had seen in a long time. Jared was even given the day off to hang with us! It was fun to have him spend the day with us.

On Monday after a little more shopping Julie planned to meet up with a few of her friends at the Zoo. However, the weather wasn't all that fantastic. So she changed plans and headed to the Downtown Aquarium. Cayden and I decided to tag along. It was so much fun watching him explore. He loved all of the fish. Sometimes he would just stare, other times he would point and most of the time he was just trying to climb all over everything. Its a pretty cool aquarium I just wish it was a little bigger and the staff were more friendly. It was fun though.Since we are heading to Utah today for the weekend I wanted to wish a very happy Father's Day to all the dads I know. A special wish to my dad who has been such an amazing father and grandfather. He always knows how to solve a problem and always has the best advise and listening ear. I love you Daddy. A special wish to my Granddaddy who never missed a soccer game, school play, or choir concert. And who didn't get mad after I got in an accident in his car. And a very special wish to my wonderful husband who makes sure everyday with his son is a great one.

I also have a birthday wish that I don't want to forget. A VERY HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY to our beautiful, smart, fun niece Meggy. We love you so much and hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Water Parks and Plain White T's

So I haven't blogged for about two weeks. But there are really only a few things to blog about so here you go.
Last Saturday after doing some work in my mom and dad's yard we decided to take Cayden to a little water park that my mom found. So we headed to Old Navy to get a new swim suit and a UV shirt and off we went. It took a while for Cayden to really start playing. When we first got there he just stood on the edge and watched all the other kids play. After a while he decided it looked ok and he was ready to join in the fun.

Cayden playing with the dog at Old Navy

Cayden taking a drink

It was a little windy so being wet it got kinda cold.

Wednesday rolled around and Jared and I decided we would head to Sonic for a nice free root beer float. Why is it that people get crazy when free things are involved? It was a mad house!!! The line of cars was ridiculous and people kept trying to make their own non existent lane. If everyone just had enough patience to stay in line we wouldn't have been hit almost twice. It was so crazy that I sent Jared on foot to get the floats and Cayden and I parked in a nearby parking lot and waited. Jared quickly returned and we were on our way home away from the madness that is caused by free merchandise.

Ok. One last bit of EXCITING news. Jared and I got exclusive tickets to a rooftop Plain White T's concert. A local radio station was hosting the party and the only way to get tickets was by calling or e-mailing the station. Jared sent in an e-mail and a few days later he got one from the station saying that his name would be on the guest list. It was AWESOME!!!! They are one of the only bands I've seen live that sound as good as they do on their albums. It was also neat because it was almost 4 years ago to the day that Jared and I went on an "unofficial" first date to see them before they got so big. It was a great (and cheap) date night. Thanks Jared for a super evening.

This song is called "Hey there Delilah". Its one of my favs so I was glad they played it.

Ok. That's all the exciting stuff. I only have a day and a half until summer vacation. WOO HOO!!! I hope everyone is enjoying beautiful spring weather. Its almost officially summer!