Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogging is really hard!!

OK, so blogging isn't really that hard its just hard to keep it up to date. I keep saying I'm going to be better with it but here I am another month gone and didn't write a thing. I tried to tell Jared that it was his turn to blog and the moment I did he had to start working overtime at work. Which is a small blessing right now since I'm not working.

I quit my job at the school I was working at because my boss was a jerk and we started to get some really unstable kids there (that have attacked teachers at my school before) and felt it was safer to leave. After all its not just me I'm protecting now. But I start nannying again next week.

OK so I'll go back now and try to catch everyone up. The end of April was good. Jared finished school. I was anxiously awaiting for May 3 to roll around because that was my last day at work. Jared and I got to enjoy a few Saturdays and evenings together before he got sucked into overtime at work. He works from 6am-5pm M-Th and normal 6am-3-pm on Friday and Saturday. No rest for the weary. So we hang out as much as possible. We enjoy going to 5:00 movies because they are only $5. Its great!

May has been good to us. Jared got his grades back and yet again earned straight A's. I was so proud of him. Its nice when he can see that all of his hard work actually paid off. He even came to the realization that the work that he does REALLY IS GOOD. Then Mother's Day rolled around and Jared got me a sweet card and two picture frames for when we actually pictures of our baby. He's such a wonderful husband.

For Christmas I gave Jared tickets to see WICKED. Well, we finally got to use those tickets on the 16th. I think WICKED is without a doubt one of the MOST AMAZING shows I've ever seen on stage. It was so powerful and had so many twists that I was not anticipating. I cried for like the last 20 mins. of the show. After act 1 I told Jared I wished I could hit "rewind" and watch it all over again. If the tickets weren't so darn expensive we would probably try and go 10 more times!!

Yesterday was a most exciting day for us. I had my 2nd appt. to check on the baby. All they were going to do was let us listen to the heartbeat. I was very excited for that. The N.P. searched and searched for the heartbeat but was unable to find it. I got really worried at that point. Then she said, "Alright, you just earned yourself an ultra sound". Jared and I were excited to see the baby again. After some more searching she finally found the baby. It was so AWESOME!!! We saw the heart beating, the spine, head, arms, legs, hands, and fingers. The N.P. let us watch the baby move around for a bit, it was so amazing. Our baby moves A LOT! Then she made a comment on how long the baby's legs were. I figure that comes from me.

We are so excited and so blessed to have the opportunity to bring a child into the world. As scared as we are, we are equally excited and doing our best to prepare. I don't think December 2nd can come soon enough.

Hope everyone is doing well!!! LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!