Thursday, October 27, 2011

Primary Program

Cayden was in his first Primary Program on the 16th. He did such a great job. I was so proud of him. He knew all of the songs and said his line BEAUTIFULLY. (I think his favorite is Praise to the Man. He sings it all the time and is very proud that he can do it by himself.) I will admit I did cry a little because I was so proud of him. It was such a special moment to watch him and feel the spirit and know that his testimony is growing. He had so much fun and was happy that so much of our family came to see him. My good friend Ginger even came and loved the program. Way to go Cayden!

I told him he had to take a nice picture and then we would take a silly one. ;)

~Love To All~

Our Little Rockstar!

This past week my sister, Kim, was in town with her two boys. It was so much fun having them here. Cayden and Jacob loved playing with their cousins. One night when we were all at my mom and dad's house having fun and making a mess Jacob decided to show us his new hobby.
He was so stinkin' cute! He would jump up and down saying "na na na na na". Then he would clap his hands over his head to get everyone clapping. A few times he would hold the guitar up and in a scary voice say, "Yeah!" It was fun to watch. What a silly kid!

I tired to post a video but it wasn't working. So a picture will have to do. ;)

~Love To All~

Saturday, October 1, 2011

So Here's What You Missed

It has been hard to blog with Jared being so busy with animation. He wasn't home so I hijacked the computer. Here is what you have missed............

Smore's Night

Zoomily (Family Night at the zoo) They had fun stuff set up for the kids to do and free food and dessert. We had such a fun night!

Cayden and Jacob's first Rapids' game. It was such a fun night. Cayden didn't like the cannon that was shot every time the Rapids scored.

Cayden's first day of Preschool. HE IS LOVING IT!!!

Twister FHE. The boys eventually tuned it into a dance floor. My boys can break dance!

Taste of Colorado. Great food and fun stuff for the kids.

Spencer's Donut birthday party before he moved to Montana.

Labor Day in Breckenridge CO. Cayden loved everything. They have an Alpine slide, alpine coaster, mini golf, rock climbing, trampolines (cayden did back flips), pony rides, panning for gold, and a maze. It was an AWESOME day!

the gondola ride back to the parking lot. Cayden loved the "boxes" it was his favorite.

Mini Golf for my birthday!

Our Woody and Buzz

Cayden can write his name!

So that's it. I think you are all caught up. The only other news in our lives is that we are house hunting. We are so EXCITED!!!! Hope everyone has a FABULOUS Conference Weekend!

~Love To All~