Monday, November 26, 2007

Haircuts, Holidays, Birthdays, and Shopping days!!!

Its been a while I know, but here I am again! Life is going well. We are still awaiting the arrival of our little one and can't wait until he comes. It gets harder and harder to wait but we are trying our best to be patient. We went out and purchased our travel system and play yard and Jared put them all together on Saturday. It feels more real now that we have a place for the baby to sleep all set up in our room. However, come Dec. 7th we get to move it all to our new place. (I'm SOOO excited for that!!!)

Jared putting together the play yard

Jared putting together the stroller

About two weeks ago I had the fun and exciting experience of cutting my little brothers hair. Timmy had no objections to it and willingly sat in the chair and let me cut away. Matt on the other hand had to be forced into it. Daddy had to play the "you're not 18 for another week" card to get Matt to sit down. You see, Matt has this incredibly thick curly hair and likes having his "white man's fro" as he calls it, so he was pretty bummed to have to cut it off. But he looks SO much better with short hair.

Timmy's haircut-almost done!

Matt and Tim-What nice haircuts

Thanksgiving was great! Jared got a phone call at 8:30am from Timmy asking if he was going to play football with them. It was about 30 degrees and there was snow on the ground. But he happily went and the 4 boys enjoyed themselves. Then we went home so we could get ready to go back to mom and dad's house for our Thanksgiving dinner. We had a wonderful day.

Thanksgiving also happened to be Matt's 18th birthday. What a lucky boy, not everyone gets a huge feast for their birthday. I can't believe how grown up he is. He is such a HUGE help to my mom and dad and rarely complains about it. Its so strange to think that my little brother is now an adult and that in a year he'll be leaving for his mission. But what an AWESOME and special man he is. WE LOVE YOU MATT!!!!

Matt and cutie Spencer

Jared and I went Midnight shopping on Thanksgiving this year. The outlet mall just south of us started their "Black Friday" sales at midnight. SO we got up at 11:30 to drive down there and sat in traffic until 1:15 when we finally pulled into the parking lot and were ready to shop. Our main goal was to find a robe for me to have at the hospital and we couldn't find one. We shopped until about 3 and got home at 3:30. Then Jared had to get up and go to work at 6:30. He was such a sweetheart to take me shopping. So I went to my parent's house on Friday and they took me to Kohls where I walked straight back to the sleepwear and found a robe in 30 seconds. It was only $18 too. Then mom and I put Dad in the line that wrapped around the store and we shopped a little more. We were quite successful at Kohls.

Since it would be silly for us to put up our Christmas tree and then move it in 2 weeks we helped put up Mom and Dad's tree on Friday. It is quite the large tree but we always have fun putting it up. Jared was the head honcho of the tree committee this year. I think we got it up faster than we ever have.

Matt and Jared putting on the last few branches

Now I get to start packing up our apartment and Jared is finishing up his semester. And hopefully its only a matter of days until we can give you all a call and tell you our little man has arrived.

Hope all is well with everyone. LOVE TO ALL!!!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Growing and Expanding

It seems that as I expand with the pregnancy everything around me expands too. Life just seems to get more and more crazy and it seems as if I never have a free moment. So this week has been nice. The schools are on Fall Break so I have had the week off. Its been nice to get somewhat organized again. I have been able to sleep in too, which I relish because I'm sure that won't happen very often once "little man" comes along.

Jared and I have been counting our blessings lately. I think that its a really good thing to do when I feel like I have no control over what is going on in my life. We have been planning to move as soon as our lease was up but really wanted to be able to stay in our ward. Well, our ward is mainly houses and town houses and the apt. complex we live in now is SUPER expensive. HOWEVER, I went on-line to check prices at our complex and found that they have 2 bed 2 bath apts. for a price that we can actually afford. So, WE ARE MOVING!!! On Dec. 7th we get to move into our own apt. again. I'm SUPER excited. It is definitely going to be a hard time to move, with a brand new baby and Jared's finals week. But it is going to be GREAT!!!

So, life is crazy but good. Jared is working Saturday's again which is a blessing and a curse. I only have 3 weeks left of work until I start maternity leave. We have been trying to spend as much time together as we can. We went to our ward Halloween party which we actually enjoyed! One of the games there was eating a donut off of a string, I didn't play but Jared did.

My car finally hit 100,000 miles. I thought it was cool so as I was driving down the road I pulled out my camera to take a picture. (I know, I'm kind of a dork.)

Kimmy and Tyson just moved up the street from us! They got a wicked deal on renting a house. So, its fun to have them closer. Plus I get to babysit cute little Spencer.

Spencer sleeping while I babysat

Houdini Helping me babysit

Jared and I actually got to spend Halloween together! His teacher basically cancelled class because she figured no one would come anyway. So, we went to a Trunk or Treat with my sister and her husband but it was over by the time we got there. So then we went out to a diner type restaurant called Gunther Toody's. They have 5 cent burgers on Wed. We went with Kimmy and Tyson, Chris, Matt, Tim and a friend of Tim's. It was a fun night. But I just enjoyed being with Jared.

Jared, me, and my growing belly on Halloween

Kimmy, Tyson, and Spencer on Halloween

So That's been our life lately. I really will try to blog again soon.