Tuesday, December 7, 2010

3 Years Old!

From This...

To This...

I really can't believe that our little "Mado" is 3 years old. What an amazing 3 years it has been. He has brought so much joy into our lives and taught us so many things. He has grown and learn so much! Lately he has really been into Buzz Lightyear. He says things like, "Don't worry, Cayden Buzz Lightyear will clean up" and "Buzz will make dinner". One of my favorite things he does right now is "blast off" whenever he has to be lifted for ANYTHING he says "blast off" or "To infinity and beyond" as you lift him. He has even changed his favorite color to green because of Buzz. He really is so fun to be around. He is very excited to be 3. This morning he requested a candle and ice cream for breakfast. I think we'll make him wait though.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Big Boy!!! We love you so much!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Thanksgiving Week

We had a great Thanksgiving week. It started on Monday when my brother Mikey came into town. Jared has taught Cayden how to play the PS3 so he wanted Uncle Mikey to come play the "jumping movie" with him. So, Chris, Mikey, and Beth came over and hung out. They kept Cayden busy so I could finish getting my house ready for company. On Tuesday I had to work but I was glad my boys got to spend the day with Mikey. Cayden adores him. I picked up the boys and after chatting for a bit I headed home because Jared's sister Jessica and her family had arrived in Denver. I headed out to the airport to pick up Jared from his return from Park City. His flight was delayed but I was sure glad that he made it home.

Wednesday rolled around and we finished our shopping for Thanksgiving. We were hoping to meet up with Jess, Sean, and the kids earlier but with the way things worked out we didn't get to see them until the evening. They joined us for dinner and then we headed out to Monkey Bizness. We had so much fun! It was great to be able to play too. That's what I love about Monkey Bizness, they don't care that the adults play.
Tayler and Cayden in the jungle gym
Tay, Jared, and Jake coming down the big slide
Jacob LOVED the slide!
They have a toddler area to play in too!
Jared and Cayden even got in a round of Air HockeyCayden got very excited when he scored.
Thanksgiving morning came quicker than expected. I told Jared he needed to go play football and have fun since he had been working so much lately. I pretty much had the food covered and had a game plan of when to get everything cooked. So he and Sean went out and played football with Tim, Chris and Mikey. Jared said they had fun. He sprained his ankle but it healed up quickly. He said he enjoyed spending the morning with Sean. When they finished football they went to the airport to pick up his mom who was also going to be joining us for Thanksgiving. Oh, I guess I should mention that Jared and I hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year. It was a little stressful but it was fun. I cooked my first turkey! Thanks to my mom and dad for the oven roaster and for guiding me through the process of cooking a turkey. The turkey was AWESOME! Everything I cooked was all hot at the same time and just in time to eat.

Everyone arrived around 3:00 and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Jess made amazing rolls and a tasty salad as well as putting together a veggie tray and Julie made the pies. Sean made awesome gravy from what I understand. I'm sure I would have loved it too if I actually liked gravy. Thanks everyone for helping to make our Thanksgiving dinner great!

Jared helping Cayden load his plate.
This was Jacob's last "first holiday" It was fun watching him eat his first Thanksgiving Dinner.
On Friday we didn't brave the crowds but Jared and I went out Black Friday shopping. We dropped the boys off at my parents house and convinced Mikey to join us. It was a very fun day of shopping. We were able to complete both birthday and Christmas shopping for the boys. Later that evening we had family pictures with my family. There are some REALLY cute pictures. Then we headed over to Jared's aunt and uncle's house.
On Saturday we woke up and headed to Julie's apt. because Jess and Jared's mom had decided to head out early to beat the storm. Jess had to drive since Sean flew home for the BYU game Saturday. We were sad to see them leave but knew it was a good decision to beat the storm. We have done that drive in bad storms and it is NO FUN! We had breakfast together and then they headed out.
Jacob and Jackson "playing" together.
Me with two of my SUPER CUTE nieces (Tayler and Rylee) I just love them to death.

We wish that more of Jared's family could have come but we know they had a wonderful Thanksgiving in their parts of the country. We were so thankful for the family we did get to see and we had a wonderful time with them. It really was a special holiday. Thanks for spending your Thanksgiving with us.
~Love To All~


Jake has had a few "milestones" this past month. The first of them being his first steps. We were at my mom and dad's house because I was picking them up after work. If you know Jacob you know he loves stuffed animals. So it was no surprise that he "technically" took his first steps to a stuffed animal.

The next milestone was really a milestone that I had to allow him to overcome. His first haircut. I loved his hair. I refused to cut it. I said I would not cut it until his first birthday. Well, I came to the realization that his hair was really long. So when Jared got home from Park City we cut his hair. I was so sad but I did it. I cried afterward because I thought he looked silly with such short hair. But everyone else loves it. So I guess majority rules. He is just a cute kid anyway.



We are anxiously awaiting more milestones. Its hard to believe that in only 12 days he will be 1. CRAZY! Where does the time go?

~Love To All~