Friday, June 10, 2011

Conversations With Cayden

I ADORE this little man of mine. We have some fun Conversations. On Tuesday he was wearing his soccer shirt and said..."Mom what size soccer shoe do I wear?" "You wear an 8 Cayden" "Oh, ok, thanks mom." A minute later," Umm Mommy" "Yes, Cayden" "I think I only need a 2 because I don't have 8 legs."

Yesterday as he woke up from his nap he said, "Mommy, Jakey and I have stinky feet." Trying not to laugh,"You do? How did you get stinky feet?" His reply, "From playing on the slide outside. But you don't have stinky feet. Only me and Jakey have stinky feet."

So as difficult as he can be sometimes I love to just sit and talk with him. He has a lot to say and I LOVE to hear it.


~Love to All~

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend!

We had such a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! Jared's brother, Brent, and his wife, Ashley, came to town for the weekend. They had a heck of a time getting here but we were so glad that everything worked out and that they FINALLY arrived (in one piece). I took Friday off work so we could just hang out with them, unfortunately Jared wasn't allowed the same luxury.

So Friday we went to the zoo. I was nervous when we got there and the parking lot was closed and we had to hike from Timbuktu to get into the zoo but once we got in it actually didn't see all that crowded. It was fun walking around the zoo and seeing all the animals. It was great to spend time with Brent and Ashley too. It was fun for me to watch my boys get to know them. I didn't take very many pictures at the zoo. I guess I was too busy enjoying the animals and just hanging out. ;)

Jakey really loved the fish.

On Saturday we were up BRIGHT and EARLY because my boys don't know the meaning of sleeping in. No matter how late they got to bed they are up by 6:00. Its really hard sometimes. But we deal. Anyway, I was tired of having no grass in the backyard so we headed to HD to buy sod. We also bought flowers and a strawberry plant.
The boys thought the cart was GREAT!

By the time we got home it was time for Jake to nap again so that he would be a happy camper when Brent and Ashley came to hang out. But Cayden was eager and willing to help his daddy with the grass. I just felt bad he didn't have his own gloves. They worked on the grass while I planted flowers and fruit. I'm so glad we finally have grass. Its AWESOME!!!
Once Brent, Ashley, and Julie made their way over we packed up stuff for a picnic and headed to the park. We have a really neat park that's fairly close by. The boys LOVED the sand box.

After playing there for a bit we headed back to the house for naps and then Brent and Ashley treated the crew to dinner. (Thanks again!)

On Sunday we went to my sister's ward because they were blessing their new baby, Caleb Joseph. He was born on May 10th and is such a cutie pie. My nephew Spencer (and Kimmy and Tyson) have been praying that this sweet little baby would finally join their family. It was a rough road and a hard pregnancy but we are glad he is here. Now there are 4 little boys to cause terror ;) Anyway, after church since Kimmy and Tyson live so close to the temple we decided to go and hang out there for a bit. It is such a peaceful place to be.

My brother Matt (fresh from his mission in Honduras) and Cayden
Jared and Jakey (Jake LOVES water)

Is it ok to jump off the fountain in front of the temple? Oh well, it makes for a GREAT picture.

Matt, Jared, Tim

On Monday everyone came over for a BBQ. What would Memorial Day be without a BBQ? It was a BEAUTIFUL day and perfect for being outside. It was a little windy but that was easily overlooked. Jared and Brent were in charge of grilling and they did a great job. The food was delicious and the company was awesome!

Jared did get a little excited about grilling

After we ate we headed out to the open field right across from our house (also where our pool is) so we could play for a bit and just enjoy the day. It was such a wonderful day. Nothing super exciting but a day spent with family is always wonderful.

So that's it. That was our weekend. Sadly Brent and Ashley returned home on Tuesday. I was glad to get to hang out with them until they left. It was so wonderful to have them here. I'm also glad that my boys actually know who they are now. ;)

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend as much as we did.

~Love To All~