Monday, April 19, 2010

4 months old

I really can't believe it has been 4 months already. We sure do love our little Jacob. He gets bigger and bigger every day. He loves to smile and giggle. His smile is contagious! And he LOVES to be held. Its really quite difficult to put him down though, he's so sweet.

Here are his "stats"
Weight: 16lbs 12oz 80th percentile
Height: 25.3 in 65th percentile
Head: 16 3/4 in 50th percentile
He is such a joy and we are so thankful to have him.
~Love To All~

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Weekend

The boys Easter afternoon. Cayden just got up from his nap.

We had a fabulous Easter. My parents were in sunny Florida and while I was EXTREMELY jealous I was glad to spend the holiday with my brothers and sisters. We went to Loveland and spent the weekend at Kimmy and Tyson's house. We headed up Friday night and came home Sunday evening. We played games, watched movies, had a Mary Kay party, and just hung out. It was nice to sit and watch General Conference too. What wonderful words we got to hear from our sweet prophet and apostles.
On Sunday morning Cayden and Spencer woke up much earlier than anyone wanted them to. Kimmy and Jared held them off as long as they could but once they spotted the eggs the Easter Bunny "hid" there wasn't much more they could do. Everyone hurried to get ready for the day so Cayden and Spencer could have their fun. After the final session of conference we sat down to enjoy a FABULOUS Easter feast. It was a wonderful meal shared with wonderful people.
Kimmy had projects for the boys to do during and in between sessions.
Cayden really enjoyed his Easter "basket"
Sorry the pictures are so randomly placed. Blogger was being difficult!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Jacob Videos

Here you go Grandmommy and Granddaddy. Can't wait for you to meet him. But until then this will have to do. We love you guys so much and hope you are doing well. LOVE YOU!!!


For the record, I did not dress Cayden, he dressed himself. I will be sure to teach him the stripes and plaids DO NOT go together no matter what his uncle may say.


Sorry for Cayden's semi tantrum. He only got a 40 min nap today.

~Love To All~

Friday, April 2, 2010

Farewells, Reunions, Remodeling, and a Blessing

What an AWESOME whirlwind of a weekend! We left on Thursday to head over to Utah. Jared's sweet Grandma B. passed away and the funeral was on Friday. Grandma B. was so sweet and loving. She never "knew" me but I sure adored her. She always had a big hug and kiss for me every time we went to see her. My fondest memory of her was at my wedding.

*When the sealing was finished as everyone exited the room they all passed Jared and me and gave us hugs. As Grandma B. passed she asked who Jared was. He said, "I'm your grandson, Jared" and then she looked at me with such loving eyes, gave me a great big hug and told me I looked beautiful. It was such a simple and sweet moment. It was the first time I had met her and I immediately felt the love she had to give.*

The day of the funeral was very cold and wet. I don't think Jared's family can have a funeral without snow. When his Grandpa B. passed in Sept of 07 it snowed then too. But, Grandma's funeral was lovely and the spirit was definitely there.

After the funeral we went and hung out at Jess' house and just had a great time being together. I know Jared loves to spend time with all of his siblings. Its a little hard because of how spread out everyone is but its always a good time when they are all together.
*WARNING* The next part of this post contains a picture that young children and people with easy gag reflex probably don't want to see*
Saturday started out quite interesting. Jared's Grandma had a sweet little dog named Sarah. She loved Sarah so much that her family questions if she loved Sarah more then them. Tragically Sarah died on a trip to the dentist over 11 years ago and everyone silently celebrated while Grandma B. mourned. Grandma I guess couldn't face putting Sarah in the dirt so she wrapped her up nicely and put her in a trunk and then into a refrigerator that was buried in their side yard that was once used as a potato cellar. Well, Grandma always denied putting her there so we had to lay the suspicion to rest.

Sarah then

On Saturday morning as we were eating breakfast, amongst many other suggestions, it was decided to remove the "Sarah Jinx" from the house. So we headed to Bountiful to dig her up. Yep, we dug her up. OK, so I didn't. But I sure watched as Jared, Ryan, and their Uncle Richard (whom I came to really enjoy) dug her up. They first opened the trunk and then set it aside. Then they dug up the fridge and went back to Sarah. It was pretty sick to watch them open her "tomb" but I couldn't look away. Sarah was laid back to rest, minus the pillow, 2 blankets, plastic, trunk, and more plastic that she was originally wrapped in, and hopefully Grandma B. won't hate us when we see her again.

Sarah now

When we returned from our grave digging excursion Jared's mom had jobs at the house to be done. She had some yard work and remodeling that she wanted done. She had a built in vanity in her room that she wanted removed so she could have a reading corner instead. Jared set to work removing the vanity, with a little help from Cayden. The remodel took longer then expected but was completely finished before we came home on Tuesday. Jared did an awesome job! It looks amazing! I love watching him work. He is such a perfectionist and always puts in 100% until the job is done to his liking.


On Sunday we had the pleasure of attending the blessing of our precious little nephew Jackson. What a darling little guy he is. The words of the blessing were beautiful. It was a special day. After church we went back to Sean and Jess' house for brunch. Thanks for the wonderful day!
The "Original" Linton Crew (Jared, Brent, Mom, Jess, Jen, Ryan, Julie)
The "Original" Six
Jared, Brent, Ryan
Jayson adored Jacob
Cayden and Jayson~ 5 months apart
Jackson and Jacob~ 1 month apart
Rylee and me~Best Buds
It was a great trip with a lot packed into it. It was fun to see everyone and we definitely didn't want to come home.

~Love To ALL~