Wednesday, June 27, 2012


My parents took us to see Brave on Monday night. We LOVED the movie. Jacob was a little restless and both boys were a little scared from time to time. But overall we had a great time!

My favorite time during the evening wasn't even during the movie. ;) As the movie was starting and the "Disney Castle" came on the screen Cayden shouted "Hey that's the temple we went to!!" He used to always say the Disney castle at the beginnig of movies was the temple but he hasn't said it for a long time. It was fun to hear it again. I'm glad that he loves the temple so much and is excited even when he thinks he sees one. 
Cayden thought it was silly to pose for a picture here and Jacob was just being defiant. ; )
~Love To All~

Thursday, June 21, 2012

"We are here, we are here, we are here!"

I know we have been absent for a while. I'm sorry. Life without a computer is hard. We had our hard drive crash twice and lost everything twice. And with no computer I just got out of the habit of blogging. Lame I know! Luckily I'm terrible at deleting pictures from my camera so I still had what wasn't backed up on my camera. So here is our life in pictures over the past 6 months. Enjoy!
We had a sibling New Year (minus Kimmy) because my parents and grandparents were in Arizona with my Great Aunt spending lots of money.
 In January my dear sweet Stella decided she was on her way out so we traded her in for a 2010 white Dodge Caliber that strangely was named Polo.
 During the months of Dec, Jan, and Feb. we got A LOT of snow.
 We got to go see Phineas and Ferb LIVE. The boys LOVED it. (We all did)
 Jared and I celebrated our "Sweets" Anniversary at the Hammonds Candy Factory.
 Cayden got a black eye playing at burger King.
 We flew kites on St. Patrick's Day. The leprechauns came and messed up our house but left kites and chocolate coins behind.
 We had a lovely Easter!
 We found a new trampoline place that's right up the street!
 We went to the Scout Show. There was a life size Angry Birds game there. The line was long but we couldn't pass it up.
 Jacob got pneumonia.
 Cayden completed his first year of Preschool and had a blast at field day.
 Our Montana crew came to visit. Cayden sure missed his buddy Spencer.
 We went to the new Splash Park on Memorial Day.
 And then had a MASSIVE game of Croquet!
Ok, I think that catches you up. Mostly. I will dedicate a post to the New York Trip. The beginning of 2012 has been great. We still haven't found a house yet. We will probably put our house hunt on the back burner for a while. Life has taken an interesting turn and we have to see what the Lord's plan is for us at this time. All is well here in beautiful Colorado. I'm looking forward to a wonderful summer with the boys.

~Love To All~