Monday, January 19, 2009

A Year in Review

Before it gets too far into 2009 I wanted to post some of my favorite pictures of 2008. It was a great year that brought us many adventures. Enjoy!! (Warning LOTS of pictures!)
First bath with JaredFirst time meeting Jayson
First time meeting Grandma

4 Generations
Hanging with Granddaddy All bundled up!
Finding a new mattress

Nap time
"babies love to lay on a pillow on the floor"

Nothing is better than a lullaby from Great Grandmommy
4 Generations
Saying bye to Great Granddaddy (Cayden adores him!)
Playing video games with Daddy
Opening night of the Graduation ExhibitGraduation Day

Little Beethovens

Giving LOVE

Happy Birthday!! Partners in crime

A day in the mountains
Pumpkin Patch

Happy Halloween!

Trip to the museum
Happy Thanksgiving!

'Chill' Birthday Boy

Chillin in the car on the way home from Utah

Making a mess (and so good at it!)
Chuck E. Cheese bus driver!

Ending the year with LOVE!

2008 was a wonderful year for us. We grew not only as husband and wife but we grew as a mom and dad. We are so thankful for the wonderful things that happened this year and look forward to our adventures in 2009. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!


Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas 2008

I know I'm way behind but I wanted to share our Christmas with you. We had a wonderful Christmas. We spent Christmas eve at my parents house. Jared and I decided to surprise my dad with something special. It's his family tradition to play bingo on Christmas eve. When we were out shopping on Christmas eve we came across a bingo set. It was on sale so we bought it along with some prizes. So we spent the evening playing BINGO. It was pretty darn fun. Then we read the Christmas story. After that it was time to go home and wait for Santa to come.

Christmas morning we woke up and opened stockings.It was so fun to watch Cayden He was so excited about everything.

Our Christmas Tree

After stockings we had breakfast. A few years ago Jared and I decided to combine our Christmas breakfast tradition. So we have oatmeal, cinnamon rolls, and scrambled eggs. It was quite the breakfast. I couldn't fully enjoy it because I was still getting over a stomach bug. But Jared and Cayden loved it! When breakfast was done we moved on to presents. It was so much fun watching Cayden open presents. Thanks to everyone who gave him one. He loved every present he got!! He is so good at opening them too. My favorite present this year was a painting that Jared did for me. He says its not quite perfected yet but when its done I'll post a picture of it. Its AWESOME! I cried when he gave it to me. He has never given away any of his artwork so it made me feel special that he made one for me.

Blocks from Grandma

Once we finished opening our gifts we got dressed and headed over to my parents house. We had such a wonderful day. It was so fun to have the family together. We played games all day and then had a very informal dinner. I wasn't feeling up to eating, some people weren't hungry when dinner was ready and some were so it was kind of a "the food is here if you want it" type meal. It was really strange not to sit down with everyone and eat but it was still a wonderful Christmas.

Our Christmas "mess"

Playing Apples to Apples

Now on to other things.....

We want to wish Jared's sister Jenny a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We hope you had a wonderful day. We love you so much!!!!

~Love To ALL~

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy Birthday!!!

I want to wish a very happy birthday to my big sisters.
(Kimmy on the 2nd and Bethy on the 3rd)
(Sorry guys this was the most recent picture of the 3 of us)
I can't believe how old you two are getting. I'm just glad that I will always be younger than you. I couldn't have asked for two better big sisters. I'm so thankful for the closeness that we have. I hope you both had an awesome birthday. We love you!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Our wonderful niece Rylee turned four today!!!! Happy Birthday Rylee!!!
I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. You are such a special girl and we love you so much. We have had so much fun watching you grow. We hope you had a wonderful birthday!!! We hope to see you soon!!!

(This is one of my favorite pictures of Cayden and Rylee!)