Tuesday, June 15, 2010

68 Years (and still going)

My sweet grandparents celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary yesterday. What a momentous occasion. They met in High School and for all but 2 1/1 years, when my Granddaddy was in the war they, have been inseparable. They are such a wonderful example of love and sacrifice and what a marriage truly should be. Yesterday Granddaddy said, "68 years and still waiting for our first fight." To which Grandmommy replied, "Still waiting? I don't want to fight with you!" They are just so super cute and still have a twinkle in their eye when they look at each other. One of my favorite things about them is the way they kiss. They ALWAYS give two little kisses. Once, many years ago, when Granddaddy was leaving he kissed Grandmommy and she called him back and said it wasn't enough and that she wanted another one. So ever since then they have always given two kisses before parting. I pray that my marriage to my sweet husband can mirror that of my wonderful grandparents.
Right around the time they got maried.

Yesterday as we were cleaning out a closet for packing, we unwrapped a trinket that turned out to be their wedding cake topper from 68 years ago. Can you believe they still had it!?!? We brought it to dinner and had them take a picture with it. What a perfect day to find it, exactly 68 yrs later. I was so glad I could be here to celebrate with them.

~Love To All~

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Fair AND a Festival!

Yesterday was a LOADED day. We had so much fun!! We started out our day at the Capital Hill People's Fair. It's a big event downtown. They close off a ton of streets so food, art, animal adoption, and political vendors can line them. We LOVE walking through all of the art vendors to see what creative things people come up with. One of our favorites is a man who does blown glass jewelry. A few years ago Jared bought me a pair of earring from him. There was also a woman who takes old plastic bag and fuses them to make a stronger fabric and makes really cool purses. Anyway, Cayden really had a blast being able to pet all sorts of different dogs. There was an RV with animals from the Dumb Friends League (that's where we got Houdini), There was a Great Dane Rescue where you could adopt a Great Dane (I'm surprised Cayden wanted to pet those monster dogs. Then there was a Greyhound adoption. The Great Danes and Greyhounds REALLY loved Cayden. It was super cute.

There were all sorts of carnival rides too. Cayden liked playing with the bubbles the most. After playing with the bubbles he got to plant a flower that he got to bring home. We really did have a ton of fun. Then we finished up the Fair with a snowcone. It was Cayden's first ever and he LOVED it!
Taking a snack break as soon as we walked in the gates. ; )

When we finished at the People's Fair we headed on over to The.....
Denver Chalk Art Festival

It was really cool to see all of the amazing artists. I have always seen pictures on line from chalk art festivals but I was excited that Denver actually had one so that I could see it in person. I think Jared was in heaven. His Alma Mater RMCAD was a sponsor. They had a booth set up and you could spin a wheel and win a prize. Cayden won a mini notebook with a pen. As we walked along looking at all the chalk drawings he would stop and open his notebook, scribble, and say, "I draw like them." Then he would close up his notebook and try to draw with his pen on the ground. It was very cute.
This was only one of 4 streets being drawn on.

This is one of the RMCAD drawings.

This was one of Jared's favorites because it is a drawing of a painting done by his favorite artist, William-Adolph Bouguereau.

We had such a wonderful day. I ended up a little sunburned but its worth it after such a wonderful day with my family and my big sister. Thanks for hanging with us Bethy!
~Love To All~

The Bench

About a week ago I was at work and my friend Ginger told me she had something for the boys. She said she was at the store and saw it and thought, "Oh, Katie's boys would love that." So she bought it and brought it to me at work. It is an adorable little park bench. When Cayden saw it he was very excited. I told him he had to wait because Daddy needed to put it together for him. That wasn't good enough for him. No no. He then told me, "I put it together all by my big boy self." I made him wait for Jared's help but if you ask him he will tell you he did it all by his big boy self.

Last Sunday after we got home from church he sat down on his bench and said, "C'mon Daddy! Let's take a picture!" So we did. ; )
~Love To All~

The Final Crabb Graduation

Our family has FINALLY had our last High School Graduation! WOO HOO!!! On May 28, 2010 my youngest brother Timmy graduated from Eaglecrest High School. We are all so proud of him and look forward to the many great and wonderful things he has planned for his future. Timmy is such an awesome young man with so much love to give. He loves to make people laugh and always has big open teddy bear arms if you need a hug. I love Timmy so much and I'm so lucky to have such a wonderful little brother.
This is the fruit bouquet that I made him for his graduation party. It didn't turn out like I wanted it too but its not too bad.
Timmy with my mom and dad. Mom missed the actual graduation so she could take Chris to radiation therapy. She and Tim were both ok with it. ;)

When Timmy picked up Cayden he said " Oh Timmy, you look beautiful!"
Timmy sure adores his nephews!
We are so proud of you Tim. Way to go!!!
What would a graduation be without a good ole head shaving afterwards?
Timmy wanted to support Chris too. But he decided to wait until after graduation. So once we finished up pictures he took off his cap and gown and said, "OK Katie, lets shave my head!" He actually looked a lot better than we thought he would. He has now decided to keep it shaved. :)
~Love To All~