Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Birthday!

Now that some time has passed and I have come to grips with fact that I'm getting old I can tell you about how I spent my birthday this year.

My family usually waits until the weekend after your birthday to celebrate it. Well, we couldn't do that this year because they decided they wanted to go to Utah for the weekend instead. So we had my party the day before my birthday. On Sunday night I asked my mom if she'd make me a princess cake. She told me no. I whined a little bit and she said she'd come up with something. So Monday night rolled around and we headed to my parents house for dinner. My dad made an amazing steak dinner. It was perfect. Then it was time for cake and ice cream. I about died when I saw my cake. IT WAS AWESOME!!!! My mom is so talented!!!!!!

Yes, I got to keep the barbie too. She is Princess Aurora (my fav. princess)!!

My mom even bought me some sweet princess candles. My brothers lit them twice instead of putting all of my candles on the cake. I'm so glad my parents still spoil me. SO after cake and ice cream I got my gifts from my parents. Then we just and hung out. We played a little game of who knows Katie best. Jared didn't do so hot in the game. But that just means that I have more stories to tell him!!! We had such a fun night.

Then the next day I had to get up and go to work. I hate working on my birthday and with work being so crazy I really didn't want to go. But I went and couldn't wait to get home and spend the rest of the day with Jared. My mom and dad kept Cayden so we could have a baby free evening. I had no idea what we were going to do, Jared wouldn't tell me, but I was excited when I left work. Jared got home later than I was hoping and when he was all ready to go he came out with my gift. An envelope. Inside the envelope was a card with another small envelope inside. After reading the card I opened the smaller envelope and pulled out a bunch of fake money. I asked Jared what it was for and he said it was for our "game". Then he told me to read the note to explain the "game". Well our "game" and my gift was a shopping spree. Each time I spent money in a store I had to pay Jared with my fake money. It was so much fun and I got some really cute new things. It was the best birthday present ever. After shopping we went to dinner at The Olive Garden and then went and got Cayden.

me with my fake money

I didn't want the evening to be over. It was such a great evening and I couldn't have asked for a better night. If I have birthdays like this every year I might be able to handle getting old.

Thank you to everyone who called, sent gifts, cards and birthday wishes. They all made my day so much better.


Monday, September 8, 2008

Its true that you grow in your sleep!!!

Three Days Old

One Month Old

Two Months Old

Four Months Old

Five Months Old

Six Months Old

Seven Months Old

Eight Months Old

Nine Months Old

I can't believe 9 months have gone by since our little Cayden joined our family. He has brought so much joy into our lives. He is such a smart boy and we have so much fun watching him grow. We go to the doctor on the 15th to find out how much he really has grown. I can't wait!!!!