Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Move...and more...

This month has just felt like one giant whirlwind! To be honest, I'm glad October is almost over. But here is the recap of our month...
We moved Conference Weekend. DON'T ever move conference weekend if you are hoping for help from your ward. We only had one of our home teachers come and help for an hour and a half in between sessions. The rest of our helping hands were family and my good friend from work, Ginger. I love how family helps out. It was a stressful weekend, with many tears from being overwhelmed, but we got moved. I took the following Monday off so that I could spend the day cleaning out the old apt. I was there cleaning from 9:00-3:30. Then we went back around 7:00 and I left at 10:30 to pick up Cayden from my mom and dad. Poor Jared was there until 2:30am. I never thought it would take so long to clean a stupid apt. but you just don't think about all the little things that have to be cleaned. But we were glad to be done and in our new place.
Our Kitchen is the most unpacked room in the house so that is all I'm willing to take a picture of right now. ;)

The next week was the week of H1N1. Boy was I glad to have that week over with. It was not easy being pregnant, tired, and rundown and have to take care of my family 100%. I did my best though. Cayden went in and out of a fever but seemed to handle being sick just fine. He was up and bouncing all over the place. But poor Jared really had a go with it. I couldn't get him to stay home from work so he would come home and just crash. He had a fever and chills. Then he had headaches and nausea so bad that if he moved he thought he may throw up. He spent practically an entire weekend in bed. I thankfully never got sick and was able to take care of my boys.

This past week wasn't too bad. We have a tree in our backyard and Jared and Cayden had fun picking up leaves. However, Jared was annoyed the next day when the rest of the leaves had fallen off the tree. He still hasn't made it back out to pick them up. I made yummy truffles this week for a work party. Bethy and I had fun making a mess. Cayden got to spend the week at Auntie Annie's house since my mom is in Florida. He got up everyday asking for "An Annie". It is so nice to know that we have someone else close who loves him and is willing to watch him. She is more of a 3rd Grandma. He absolutely adores her. All month until it was time to go to her house he would say "An Annie, soon." And we would tell him "Yep, you get to see Auntie Annie soon." He was so excited.

Helping Daddy "clean" up the yard

Bethy and me making truffles

On Friday my oldest brother Chris had surgery again. About a month ago he had an MRI of his brain tumor to see if it was shrinking. It is. However, they decided to take an image from a strange angle. In taking the image at a strange angle they found a mass in his throat. A biopsy was done and we found out that now Chris had thyroid cancer. It is totally unrelated to the cancer in his brain. Cancer # 2. So they stopped his chemo treatments until the thyroid cancer is gone. He had MASSIVE surgery and they found more cancer than they thought was in there. The had to remove the thyroid, a piece of a vocal chord, and the para thyroid on the right side and moved the para thyroid from the left over to the right. They also found cancer on his carotid artery. They removed as much as they could but had to leave some to avoid cutting the artery. So now, he will have radio-iodine treatments to kill the rest of the cancer. The prognosis is good however, he most likely will not get his voice back to normal. He is still in the hospital and we are hoping to get him home soon. He is in good spirits but just wants company while he is in the hospital. Annie has been my angel this week too. She has been watching Cayden so that I can go to the hospital and be with Chris. She even offered to have him spend the night. They won't allow children in the hospital. It really bothers me but thankfully I have a wonderful extended family.

Last night Jared kept Cayden so I could go have a Girls Night Out with my sisters. I love hanging out with my sisters! We always have so much fun. We went downtown to the Denver Center of Performing Arts and saw a show called Girls Only. It really is a girls only show, no men allowed. It is an original comedy that celebrates the honor, truth, humor and silliness of being female. The 2 women that perform the show are the 2 women that actually wrote it. It is a fun half scripted half improv show. It was awesome! And I had a blast hanging with my sisters. Ask Jared about the "angel" Christmas ornament I brought home from the show.

That brings us to today. Its snowing. Yep! We are expecting 8-14 inches. LAME! As beautiful as it is, I'm so not excited about it. I'm worried this winter is going to be awful. But maybe that means lots of snow days? I just pray that when this little guy in my tummy decides to come that the weather cooperates.

Cayden wishing he could go outside today.

Ok. That's it for now. I hope that this blog is enough to keep you all in the loop about us over the past month. I'll try to be better about blogging as long as things settle down.

~Love To All~

Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Pigs Fly!

That is the stupid phrase that kept going through my head at 1 am Tuesday morning as we sat in the emergency room at the Children's Hospital.

On Monday I came home from work and Jared said Cayden had fallen asleep. I thought it was a little strange until I talked to my mom and she said that he had only had a 45 min nap. But when we woke him up around 6:15 he had a fever. I took his temp and it was 102. So we pulled out the motrin and loaded him up. He was shaking with chills so we wrapped him in a blanket while we made dinner. He seemed to be ok once the motrin kicked in. Until midnight rolled around...

We switched Cayden into a "big boy" bed to get ready for the new baby and he wakes up nightly crying for "Daddy". So at midnight when he woke up crying for "Daddy" I rolled over and said, "Jared, he wants you." and rolled back over to go to sleep. A few minutes later Jared came back in and woke up up to ask when we need to be worried about Cayden's fever because he was at 104 and had real shallow breathing. I jumped up and called my mom and got her advice about what to do. When we couldn't get his fever to come down I called the on call doctor and he said to take him to the ER. We didn't really want to have to do that so I took his temperature one more time. But when my cold hand touched his skin it sent him into uncontrollable shaking. He was shaking so bad I thought I was having a seizure from his high fever. So I asked Jared to give him a blessing and when he finished we decided to take him in. We did get his fever down to about 102.

We got him in the car and headed to the ER. When we got there Cayden was wide awake and happy as could be. He wouldn't stop taking about the truck parked next to us.So we second guessed taking him in. So Jared asked him if he wanted to go into the hospital and his reply was "uh huh." Then Jared asked him if he knew what a hospital was and he said "uh huh." (He goes the hospital a lot with my mom and brother) So Jared asked him again if he wanted to go in and he said "uh huh." So I said "You do" and he replied "I do." S0 I took his temperature again and it was back up to 103. So we got out and took him in.

They weighed him and took his temp. and he was up to 104.9. I can't imagine how he was feeling. He just wanted to cuddle with Jared and kept saying "hurt" and grabbing his tummy. They decided to give him more motrin because they said we didn't give him enough. I warned them that he was grabbing his tummy and as soon as he took the motrin he threw up. I felt so bad for him. It broke my heart to see him so sick. He did look cute in the hospital gown though. Once we talked to the doctor some more the nurses came back in to do a nasal swab. It was more of a nasal suction! They shoved a long tube in his nose to suck out mucus for a flu test. I fought back tears the whole time as I sat and watched my little boy suffer wishing there was something I could do for him. It took a little while to calm him down after that but he finally was able to rest. After a while the nurse came back in and said it was the flu.

He tested positive for influenza A and they said it was most likely H1N1 because the seasonal flu hasn't hit yet-Swine Flu GREAT! This is when that stupid saying "when pigs fly" popped into my head. I didn't think it would attack my family but it sure did. They started him on Tamiflu and suggested I see my doctor and get put on Tamiflu as well.

Cayden is feeling better but still fighting a fever off and on. He hates taking the Tamiflu because it tastes awful but he is a trooper about taking it. My doctor told me to stay away from him and wear a mask around the house to avoid getting it. Yeah right. I'm feeling good and having faith that I wont get it. Although I'm a little worried about Jared now. He just got home from work and is feeling pretty crummy. I guess I'd better go take care of my boys. I hope everyone is doing well.


P.S. The move was stressful but we are all moved in. Moved in but not unpacked. I'll post more on the move later.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Almost Moved!

OK, so Saturday we got most everything moved into the new place. Its a disaster! We are so excited to get all unpacked and moved in though. I am taking a "sick" day off of work so that I can finish things up at the apartment. I hate cleaning!! But hopefully I can get it all done. We have turn in our keys to the apartment complex by noon tomorrow. I'm hoping its not a late night of cleaning. Anyway, I'll post pictures of the new place as soon as I can get more batteries for the camera.

Just an FYI to everyone...Our internet is being shut off today and we won't have it back until the 13th. Dang Comcast. Why am I not their first priority? Anyway, so we will be out of touch by e-mail for the next week and a half.

Hope everyone had a good conference weekend!!!


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Moving Day!

I hate moving. It always stresses me out and I feel so overwhelmed. But I am so excited to get into our new place. Its going to be awesome! We have slowly been packing things up during the week but I feel we haven't gotten far enough. Annie and Steve came over last night and helped us move some boxes so we would have a little less to do today. They are so great!

We got up at 6:30 this morning and by 8:00 This is what our apartment looked like.

We have been working and the piles of boxes are even bigger now. We start moving this over to the new place in about an hour so I'd better get back to packing.