Thursday, March 27, 2008

Guess Who is Rolling over!!!

I'm so excited that I didn't miss this!!! I'm so glad I had to take today off so I could be home to see Cayden rolling over for the first time! I just love being a mom!!!

Cayden rolling over 3/27/08 11:10am

Time to catch up!!!

So much has happened lately. Its hard to go back and remember everything that has happened. So I'll do my best.

We started Cayden on rice cereal a few weeks ago. He still wakes up quite a bit at night so we thought the cereal would help him to sleep better because he would be more full. Did it help. NOPE. Cayden doesn't even like the stuff. His face is pretty fun to watch when he eats. He can make faces as good as Jared. So a few days ago we got some baby applesauce. You would think he would like that. NOPE. Still makes faces but at least he gets it down.

Sorry about the annoying music. We were watching Into The Woods.

Cayden has also discovered his feet. Anytime he is on his back now his feet are up in the air. Not only are they up in the air but he has a death grip on them that you don't dare mess with. He lust loves his feet. He also loves when his daddy plays with him and blows on his tummy. Its pretty cute to watch.

We had a fun St Patrick's Day. We don't really celebrate St. Patrick's Day but we did have a party on the 17th. It was a surprise party for my mom. Her birthday is the 18th. So we all wore our green and had Irish food (No it wasn't corned beef and cabbage,I refuse to keep that Linton tradition going. We had Pork Chops) for our "St. Patrick's Day" party. It was a nice surprise for mom. It was quite the fun evening.

Jared wearing Cayden's blanket as a cape. (He claims he was cold)

Our Easter was nice. I could have done without the Ward Choir sacrament meeting though. I would have much rather listened to talks. Our Ward Choir is AWFUL. After church Cayden and I took naps while Jared did school work. (That seems to consume his life right now.) Jared woke us up around 2:30 and we headed over to my parents for our Easter Feast. There was too much food to eat. It was AWESOME. The Easter Bunny always seems to find us at my parents house. Its amazing! So Jared, Cayden and I all got little Easter baskets. We didn't do a hunt this year but we can't wait to do it next year!

On Tuesday we babysat our nephew Spencer so Kimmy and Tyson could go to the Temple with my mom, dad, and brother. It was fun but I don't know how people handle twins or triplets or more. I'm very happy only having one baby at a time. It was only difficult because Spencer wasn't feeling well so he needed more attention than normal. But once his Motrin kicked in he was happy and back to normal. It was a fun night. Poor Jared didn't get much school work done. But I appreciated his help.

So, last but not least, Jared FINALLY gave me my Valentine's Day gift. He's been making me something since January but hasn't had time to really work on it. So he finished it and brought it home yesterday. I absolutely Love it!!! This is what he made...

So, life has been busy. I'm off for Spring Break a little early because my mom and sister are in Florida so I had to stay home with Cayden. Bummer right??? NO WAY!!! I love being home with him. Jared has so much school work to do so we decided a trip to Florida for me and Cayden would be good so we could be out of the way and Jared wouldn't feel guilty for not spending time with us. SO, we leave Saturday for SUNNY, HOT, HUMID Florida. I CAN'T WAIT!!!! I'll bog from Florida.

LOVE TO ALL~Have a Fantastic Day~

Thursday, March 13, 2008

3 Months old!!!


It really is amazing how fast time goes by. It seems like we just barely brought Cayden home from the hospital. But here it is the middle of March and he's so big already! He really is fun though. He is getting to be more interactive these days. He smiles and laughs all the time. Not to mention grabbing for almost anything that he can see. Its been such a great 3 months. I can't wait until summer when I get to spend all day with him again. Until then, I'm glad he gets to hang out with my mom. I know he has fun with her and of course she has fun with him. Here are some pictures I took on the day he actually turned 3 months old. ;)

March 7, 2008

Things are going good. Jared is a little stressed about getting his projects done by the end of the semester. But I know he can do it. He's such a hard worker. We are looking forward to his graduation on April 26th. He's more excited about the Graduation Show. He gets a space that he gets to design. He's very excited about it. Anyway, We hope everyone is doing well!