Monday, October 1, 2007

I am a SERIOUS slacker!!!

I have to apologize to those of you who actually take the time to look at our blog. I have been a huge slacker. Now that I'm back to working again I pretty much come home, eat, take a small nap, wake up to watch my shows, and then I back to sleep for the night. I didn't realize how hard it was going to be to work while I am pregnant. I do enjoy my job though. There is just something about special needs children that I love and its such a blessing to me that I get to work with them.

Things have been going really well for us though. Jared is back in school so I NEVER get to see him during the week (except on Wed. when he comes home to spend time with me before he heads off to school). He is doing well though and is creating some really cool things. I love it when he is home and wants to show me what he's been working on, he is SO talented.

The past month has kind of flown by. At the beginning of Sept. we were able to go to Utah for Labor Day weekend. It was a special trip because we went for the blessing of Jared's sister's new baby boy, Jayson. He is such a precious little boy. We always have fun when we go to Utah because we get to see Jared's mom and sister and her family. We just love playing with our nieces so whenever we get the opportunity to we take it.

Jared with our new nephew Jayson

Jared and Jayson (doesn't he look GREAT with a baby in his arms?)

Me and Rylee (she was enjoying playing with our camera)

Jared in the play tent with Rylee and Tayler

Then came my birthday! Woo hoo another year older and I'm not sure I feel a whole lot wiser. But my birthday was fun. We woke up and had a yummy breakfast and then just hung out until it was time to go to church. After church we went to my mom and dad's house for my FAVORITE spaghetti dinner and cake and ice cream. Kimmy and Tyson came down and my brother Mikey was even visiting from Florida. So it was an extra special day because I had most of my family there to spend it with. (Thank to all those who sent birthday wishes!!!)

My sister Kimmy made my birthday cake

We also ended the month of Sept. in Utah. Jared's wonderful Grandpa B. passed away on Sept. 24th. He was such a great man and I'm so thankful that I had the opportunity to know him. We were able to see him quite a bit in our travels this summer and every time he saw him was special. He always made me feel loved and that he genuinely cared about me. He also always made sure Jared was taking care of me of smiled big when I told him Jared was doing a wonderful job. I'm so thankful that Grandpa B. was the one who sealed Jared and me and I'm thankful for the many times I heard his testimony. What an awesome man!!! While in Utah for the funeral we were able to spend time with ALL of Jared's brothers and sisters. It was special for Jared to be with them all again but it was wonderful for me too because I'm still getting to know most of them and I LOVE spending time with them. I always like I'm with my own family when I'm with them, which is such a nice feeling.

Jared and Grandpa B. on our wedding day Grandpa B. on Jared and my wedding day

Last but not least Happy Birthday to my baby brother Timmy who turns 16 tomorrow. He is such a wonderful and special boy and I couldn't ask for a better baby bro. I LOVE YOU TIMMY!!!

OK, so I hope this can tide everyone over until I have more exciting things to write. Our life really isn't all that exciting right now. We are just awaiting the arrival of our little man. Only 9 weeks to go!!! Until next time!