Saturday, June 8, 2013

Preschool Graduation

Cayden is heading to Kindergarten but not before he gratuates from Preschool. His teacher, Ms. Lori, is so darling and put together a Nursery Rhyme Program for the graduation. Cayden was Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater. He was the only student that sung EVERY song that day but didn't sing at all for his own part. Silly boy. But Ms. Lori had pre-recorded all the kids singing their parts before they performed so it was his voice singing the song. I tired to post the video but blogger won't let me because its a big video.

Cayden could not have been more excited. He was so darling.

So proud of our little man. He's growing up so fast but he is such a good boy. We are so blessed to have him in our family. LOVE YOU CAYDEN!!!

~Love To All~

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kindergarten Here We Come

We visited Cayden's Elementary School, Antelope Ridge, on Thursday night. We attended his Kindergarten Orientation. He is so excited about getting to go to school every day. Here in Colorado they only provide half day Kindergarten (since kindergarten isn't actually required). So he will go every morning from 9am-11:50. During the orientation they took all the incoming kindies and made a craft and played games while the teachers did all their talking. Part of me wanted to go play with all the kids. But Cayden happily left our side and joined the other children. The principal read a poem that was written after Jack and the Beanstalk and likened to sending a child to school. I must admit that I did get a little teary eyed as he read the poem. It's hard to believe that my first baby is ready to start school.


~Love To All~

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

March and Early April Catch Up

I was fortunate enough to get a SNOW DAY today! I'm so excited to be home with the boys. They wanted to watch a movie so I have a few minutes to blog. Woo Hoo! I have house work to do too but I figured this would be a perfect time to not get too far behind again. ;)

Our month started with my Parents heading to Florida for my cousins wedding. Aunt Annie and my good friend Ginger were taking turns watching the boys. I got a phone call from Ginger saying Cayden was throwing up. We were home with him for the next three days. On the 4th day he broke into a full body rash and we finally took him to the doctor and learned he had strep. Its the first time that he has ever had strep. He's been tested several times but has never actually had it. He did GREAT taking the antibiotics 3 time a day for 10 days. He finally got better and no one else got sick.

 Once he was feeling better we joined my family for dinner at chili's one night. It is one of the boys' favorite places to eat. Cayden likes to play with my camera on my phone while he waits for his food. He also drew extra eyebrows on his forehead. Can you see them?
 Jared had a camp out planned with the scouts. However, he can't ever seem to get any adults to go with him. The one adult that was willing to go asked if his son could come too. Jared said sure and then decided to take our boys along as well. He only had one scout show up to go camping but the evening was still fun. The boys loved it and I went and hung out for a bit until Jared took me home to sleep in my bed. :)

We celebrated my mom's birthday at the Family favorite restaurant, Mt. Fuji. They seriously know my family by name(Notice my moms dessert plate?). My mom takes the boys there for lunch just about every week. There is a server there that scoops Jakey into her arms as soon as they walk in the door and Jake is totally ok with it.
Cayden also had a Preschool Program at the end of March. They did a cute little leprechaun show about how the first umbrella came about. It was darling. Jared and I couldn't make it because they did it during the day but cayden was happy to have his uncles,Mikey, and Matt, there to support him. They were also kind enough to film it for us too. ;) I love how big Cayden is getting.
 At the end of March my whole family was able to spend Easter together. Mikey came in from Florida and Kimmy and her family came down from Montana. They had an extra addition this time though. They have a little foster baby, Hunter. He is DARLING and was fun to hold. The boys were so excited to have their cousins in town and the fun began immediately with a sleepover. It was already 9:00 by the time we got home but the boys stayed up and talked and giggled. It was so fun to listen to.
 The next morning we got up and headed back over to my parents house to prepare for the Road Rally. It was AWESOME! My mom had put together a fun Road Rally for us to participate in. She mapped it out. We followed clues to certain areas around town and had to perform tasks at each location. WE HAD A BLAST! Each task we completed we got a prize.
 We had to spell a word with our bodies before my mom and dad would buy us a Slurpee.
Can you tell what our word is???

 Then we had to go to the tennis courts and rally the ball 5 times. Our team was me, Jared, Jakey, and Timmy.
 Next stop was a park that we had to go down a slide with an egg on a spoon and the walk so far before we could move on.
 Then we had to dribble a ball through the obstacle.

The last location was a park near my parents house where we were supposed to have lunch. It was to windy for my grandparents to eat outside so we stayed and played while mom and dad went to get the food. Then we met back up at the house to eat. (For the record: Our team one. But my parents said that everyone was a winner and gave each participant a gift card to Red Robin) ;)

Playing at the park before lunch

 That night we dyed eggs in preparation for Easter. The boys had a blast!
 Easter Sunday we woke up and let the boys look through their baskets before church. They found all the eggs the Easter Bunny hid and then we had breakfast. After church and lovely long naps we headed to my parents house around 4:30. We got there to find out that my dad had spent the day in the ER because he ran out of insulin and his blood sugar was over 500. He made it home by 6:00pm so we had diner and then the kids had their egg hunt.

I was able to snap this picture before the boys wanted to change. ;)

 Each of the boys found a golden egg that had money in in. Then they traded in the plastic golden egg and got a $10 gift card to McDonald's. That's a pretty awesome Easter Bunny!
 The following day I left school early and joined my brothers on a trip to take the little boys to Chuck E. Cheese. I hate that place but the boys love it so they were happy.
Wednesday night we went to Gunther Toody's for 5cent burger night.
 Thursday I left school early again to join everyone for the zoo. I wish I was feeling better because it wasn't the best of trips feeling sick. But then that night I joined my mom, Beth, and the boys for Disney on Ice. It was great and the boys were mesmerized. They keep asking when they can go again.
 It was finally time for Kimmy and Tyson to head home. They just left on Saturday and we were sad to see them go. Cayden cried his little heart out because he was going to miss Spencer so much. They were inseparable! The sure do love each other. We were able to take a few family pictures too. I can't post the picture of all 18of us because cute little Hunter is in the picture. Because he is in foster care we can't post his picture on the Internet. But here are the "original 9".
 On Sunday we watched Conference at my parents house and Cayden was SO exhausted from his busy week that he laid down to watch the 2nd session and promptly fell asleep during the opening prayer. What a cutie! He was however, very excited to listen to Pres. Monson speak in the morning. He came racing inside to hear him. ;)
 So that's what we've been up to. I did play hooky from school and work while my family was in town. IT FELT GREAT! A little too great. It was hard to go back to a normal routine. Hahaha. But all is well since I got a snow day today too. ;) Anyway, we are well. We know the Lord watches over us.

~Love To All~

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Recap 2

Life is so busy that I'm forced to do another photo recap of our lives over the past 5 months. We have been busy with holidays, birthdays, school plays, doctor check ups, church callings, preschool, beauty school, and work. But we still find time to have some fun. Its difficult to find strength in the evenings for play but somehow we manage to do it. Our weekends are very special because its 48 hours of family time.

So here's what you've missed..... ;)

 Our visit with momadillo in November.
 Our Hostess cake party
 Beautiful days to play at the park.
 Cayden turned 5!!! (I honestly can't believe he is 5 already)
 Cayden's Preschool Christmas Program. (Yes I did say Christmas and not holiday program, his preschool teacher is LDS. LOVE HER!)
 Jacob turned 3! (He's such a ham!)
 Annual Christmas Eve BINGO!
Making cookies for Santa!
 Celebrating Christmas
 Learned how to FLY with Uncle Mikey

 Played Like Polar Bears at the Wildlife Experience
 We ALL stayed up until midnight on New Year's...
 And toasted when the ball dropped.
 Playing "Freeze Croquet" with Uncle Mikey
 Movie Night!
 Playing in the kitchen on my day off of school.
 Cutting my hair!!!
 Just Kidding!!!! I did have Jared going for a while though. He tried to make me feel good about the awful haircut my friend game me. What a good hubby. ;)
 Learning about Kris Kross and how awesome they dressed.
 Enjoying 55 degree weather at the zoo.
 A trip to Utah for a very special young lady's baptism. I was so glad we could go.
 We were cheerleaders at Tay's indoor game.
 We took the boys to the temple we were sealed in 7 years ago.

 Jared played in the snow with all of the kids!
 The boys had a blast with their cousins. They can't wait to go back again.
 Our hotel reservation for our Anniversary got messed up so the hotel comped us an extra night for free. So we went and picked up the boys and let them come enjoy the 1st night at the hotel with us. They loved the pool, hot tub, elevator, free breakfast, and jumping on the bed. It was quite the experience. ;)
 Jared and Cayden became super heroes!

 And I am having an ABSOLUTE BLAST in school and was awarded....
I graduate in November and I couldn't be more excited.

So, you can see we are very busy but we still manage to have some fun. ;) Jared has been super busy with work lately. He's been having to work the past few Saturdays and recently a few late nights. But I'd rather him be overworked than not able to work at all. So its a blessing. We are still trying to make our daily routine work but some days are MUCH harder than others. We just keep saying..."its only until November, its only until November". Hopefully we can stay sane until then. ;)

~Love To All~