Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Good Times and the Sad Times

I know its been a while and once again I'm sorry. But sometimes I feel our life isn't all that exciting to tell everyone about. But I know we don't get everyone called as often as we would like so here is our update.
FIRST: The Good Times
Life is going great! Jared's mom was in town a few weeks ago and everyday she was here was packed with things to do. It was definitely a tiring week. But it was fun. I mostly enjoyed our day at The Botanical Gardens. Leslie, Annie (Leslie's sister), Julie, and I went. It was fun to get to spend the day with Annie too because even though she lives 20 mins away from us we still don't know each other that well so it was fun to spend time with her.

Father's day was nice. I got Jared the "New Father" Willow Tree figurine. I thought it was fitting and I figured we could wait to start his Father's Day tie collection next year. I only got to see my dad for about 5 minutes on Father's Day because we went and had dinner at Annie and Steve's house. I was sad that I couldn't spend the day with my dad but when I called him the night before to tell him I wasn't going to see him on Father's day he made me feel better about it. I'm so grateful to have such a wonderful Dad. My sister always says she wants her kids to have a "daddy' not a "father" and that's just what we have. We have the BEST "DADDY" in the world.

A few weeks ago there was a festival downtown on Capitol Hill. Jared and I enjoy going to the festivals around here because they always have really amazing art booths set up. This one didn't have very impressive art but Jared did get to meet the Simpsons. We also got to enjoy our all time favorite flavor of snow cone- Tiger's Blood. IT WAS AMAZING. I had been wanting one for so long so I was excited to see that they had that flavor.

Jared hanging with the Simpsons

NOW:The Sad Times
Our thoughts and prayers go out to Tyson and Kimmy and Tyson's family. On June 20th Tyson's little brother Scotty passed away. Scotty had a lot of medical problems and should not have lived as long as he did. He was 18 years old but had the fun loving mind of a 3 year old. Scotty loved to shop for movies. Movies was his passion. He had at least 3 copies, if not more, of every movie he owned. He also loved to sing. The first time I met him he sung me a song. That's how he showed he cared about someone. I know Kimmy would love it when he would sing her song to her. How wonderful it is to know of the plan of salvation and know that they can all be with Scotty again. I was able to attend the funeral service for Scotty on the 25th and just walking into the chapel you could feel Scotty's spirit and the love that he had for all the people there to celebrate his life. I know the loss of Scotty is especially hard on Tyson, he was very close to Scotty, but we pray that he will find comfort in knowing that they will meet again.

This is the program for the service, it was made to look like a video case

LAST:Good News Again
I had another OB appointment on the 20th of June. It wasn't a big one, just some more blood work. BUT we were finally able to hear the heartbeat of the baby. It was so exciting!!! Its still strange to think that there is a human being growing inside of me. How cool is that?!?!?! Anyway, we also found out that on the 18th of July is our ultrasound and we;ll find out what the baby is then. We were also told to bring a video or DVD so that they can record the ultrasound for us! I'm so excited!!!

Kimmy and me (she's WAY more pregnant than I am)

Anyway, I think I have babbled on long enough. I hope all is well with everyone!
LOVE TO ALL!!!!!!!!!