Saturday, January 22, 2011

Catch Up!

I'm still here!!! I promise! Life has been crazy since the start of the new year so I haven't had a chance to sit down and blog about it. But I finally have so have fun reading about our holidays!
~Love To All~

Monday, January 17, 2011

New Year's

We had such a fun New Year's! The big boys decided it was a good night to play RISK. Not everyone is a fan of that game so we found other things to occupy our time. Cayden and Spencer played a fun game of Disney Magical Moments Scene it. It quickly became a game of just watching all the movie clips. But it was still cute to watch. I think my dad had fun playing with his grandsons. ;) The rest of us just hung out and talked.There was A LOT of goodies for everyone to snack on to keep us awake. We watched Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve. It was awesome because my cousin and my aunt were in Time Square and were on TV dancing with Ryan Seacrest. It was fun to see!

We all anxiously awaited for the ball to drop and start out 2011 together. We decided to let Cayden stay up if he could.He made it!!! I wasn't all that surprised. What I was surprised about was that he didn't get cranky and he and Spencer played happily with no fights at all. It was a fantastic evening.

Our first 2011 picture! I don't look so great after midnight. ;)

I promise its just sparkling cider in their cups!

Happy New Year to all! May this year bring many wonderful and exciting blessings!

~Love To All~

Christmas Day!

I have the BEST husband in the world. Jacob woke up super early and Jared got up with him so I could sleep in. I woke up around 8:15 and Cayden was still sleeping. We decided we should probably wake him up. So we did and we headed down stairs to see what Santa brought us.

After we opened our stockings we had our traditional breakfast of oatmeal and cinnamon rolls. It was so yummy. Next it was time for presents!
Jacob LOVED his gift from Grandma.
Cayden's favorite was his Buzz Lightyear

I think Jared's favorite was the Playstation Move

We had so much fun opening presents. Cayden got so crazy about it that he began opening everyone's gifts. He loved it though. We had a little time to play with our new toys before we headed to my mom and dad's house for Matt's phone call. It was so good to talk to him and hear his stories. I miss him so much and can't wait till May when he comes home.
After Matt's call we opened more presents, hung out, and then had an amazing dinner. It was a wonderful Christmas Day spent with wonderful people. WE were thankful my brother had skype on his computer so that we could still see and talk with family that we couldn't be with.
Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!
~Love to All~

Christmas Eve

We had a very fun Christmas eve. It began with the boys making cookies for Santa. They had a blast!!!

They were really good at taking turns using the rolling pin. I was also surprised at how well they shared the cookie cutters. They work so well together. I' m glad they are such good buddies.

They posed for a few pictures after sneaking candy canes off the tree while they waited for the cookies to be done.
Then it was time to frost the cookies. I'm not sure if there was more frosting on the cookies or in their tummies. ;) They didn't eat much of the AMAZING dinner Tyson made.
Our Christmas Eve tradition growing up was to act out a live nativity. We haven't done it in YEARS since everyone is grown. However, with this being the first official Christmas in Colorado for my grandparents Kimmy thought it would be fun to act it out again for them. So we did. I was the angel, Jared was a wise man, and Cayden was the donkey. We decided to have Jake help my dad narrate. Kimmy, Tyson, and Spencer were shepherds, Tim and Mikey were wise men, Chris was Joseph, and Bethy was Mary. We used a Cabbage Patch doll for baby Jesus. After reading through the Christmas story we sung Christmas Carols and then it was on to BINGO!
Its a Crabb family tradition to play BINGO on Christmas Eve. The tradition changed as my dad's family got older and grew. My Grandma began having a Crabb Family Christmas Party where we all got together and ate and played BINGO. I have really enjoyed the last few years being able to go and participate. However with Grandma being 87 my aunt decided she was to old to be having the party every year. So the Crabb Family Christmas parties have come to an end. So we decided to do BINGO on our own this year. It was so fun and everyone ended up with great prizes.
Jared and me after BINGO

Everyone opening their BINGO prizes and making trades

Then we went home and put out our milk and cookies for Santa and went to bed.

Tumble Bus

Cayden went up and had a new kind of fun at Kimmy's house. She signed up to have the Tumble Bus come for her daycare kids and invited Cayden to participate in it too. He LOVED it! There is a zip line, balance beam, rope ladder, gym mats, a swing, and more fun stuff too. I was glad my mom was willing to take him up so he could participate.

1 Year Old

We celebrated Jacob's birthday on the 17th of December. It was hard to imagine that a full year had already gone by. Why does it seem that life goes faster the older you get? We had a yummy dinner and then had a small cake for Jakey. He even blew out the candle!

We actually had 3 little parties for Jake's 1st birthday. One with just our little family on his birthday, one up at Kimmy and Tyson's the next day, and one at my mom and dad's house the day after that. Jacob blew out the candle on every cake!

We are so thankful to have Jacob in our family. He is SO FUNNY! He always makes us laugh. He is such a little cuddle bug. He LOVES to eat. We all just love him so much!