Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Recap 2

Life is so busy that I'm forced to do another photo recap of our lives over the past 5 months. We have been busy with holidays, birthdays, school plays, doctor check ups, church callings, preschool, beauty school, and work. But we still find time to have some fun. Its difficult to find strength in the evenings for play but somehow we manage to do it. Our weekends are very special because its 48 hours of family time.

So here's what you've missed..... ;)

 Our visit with momadillo in November.
 Our Hostess cake party
 Beautiful days to play at the park.
 Cayden turned 5!!! (I honestly can't believe he is 5 already)
 Cayden's Preschool Christmas Program. (Yes I did say Christmas and not holiday program, his preschool teacher is LDS. LOVE HER!)
 Jacob turned 3! (He's such a ham!)
 Annual Christmas Eve BINGO!
Making cookies for Santa!
 Celebrating Christmas
 Learned how to FLY with Uncle Mikey

 Played Like Polar Bears at the Wildlife Experience
 We ALL stayed up until midnight on New Year's...
 And toasted when the ball dropped.
 Playing "Freeze Croquet" with Uncle Mikey
 Movie Night!
 Playing in the kitchen on my day off of school.
 Cutting my hair!!!
 Just Kidding!!!! I did have Jared going for a while though. He tried to make me feel good about the awful haircut my friend game me. What a good hubby. ;)
 Learning about Kris Kross and how awesome they dressed.
 Enjoying 55 degree weather at the zoo.
 A trip to Utah for a very special young lady's baptism. I was so glad we could go.
 We were cheerleaders at Tay's indoor game.
 We took the boys to the temple we were sealed in 7 years ago.

 Jared played in the snow with all of the kids!
 The boys had a blast with their cousins. They can't wait to go back again.
 Our hotel reservation for our Anniversary got messed up so the hotel comped us an extra night for free. So we went and picked up the boys and let them come enjoy the 1st night at the hotel with us. They loved the pool, hot tub, elevator, free breakfast, and jumping on the bed. It was quite the experience. ;)
 Jared and Cayden became super heroes!

 And I am having an ABSOLUTE BLAST in school and was awarded....
I graduate in November and I couldn't be more excited.

So, you can see we are very busy but we still manage to have some fun. ;) Jared has been super busy with work lately. He's been having to work the past few Saturdays and recently a few late nights. But I'd rather him be overworked than not able to work at all. So its a blessing. We are still trying to make our daily routine work but some days are MUCH harder than others. We just keep saying..."its only until November, its only until November". Hopefully we can stay sane until then. ;)

~Love To All~


Jenny Moore said...

You guys are amazing keeping up with all you do!!! :)
Cute cute pictures!
I'm glad that haircut was a had me going for a minute!

Ash and Brent said...

It is only until November! You guys can do it! I love that awesome hair cut you got!

Fun pictures!


Jess said...

I love your photo recap's. Great pictures! You really do manage so well. I am amazed at you all.

That haircut picture is so awesome! I love your dark hair.. sexy mama!

So glad you could come in November. Thanks again, it meant so much to Rylee!

Love you all! xoxox